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Narya. Oh! How I hate hearing that name, and I dislike the bearer of the name even more. Tamia fumed as she gulped water after a game that left her defeated. For the third time in a row. Something she wasn’t used to. I mean who likes to lose, especially losing to someone you obviously dislike. It hurts.

Narya! Narya! Narya!

The crowd cheered.

This was a pretty normal day in the WHITE TOWER, a day filled with activities, preparations for war, and whatnot, basically a normal day for those living in the white towers.

The White Tower is run by the Iron Sisters. Women were empowered and sent by the gods to wage war against the forces of darkness and help keep evil at bay. It is fascinating how no one knows when and how the Iron Sisters came to be or how the White Tower was built.

Legend has it that once, long ago when the mighty gods used to walk the earth, the White Tower was open to everyone, god or human. Peace reigned and the gates to the Tower were always open. Until the forces of evil waged war on all mankind and the gods gave up their human forms as a sacrifice to save mankind.

As a result, evil was banished from the land with the deadly promise of a terrible comeback. Evil would take over the world and rule for all eternity.

In order to protect man from this dreaded war that is to come, the Iron Sisters originated. They go round the world, recruit individuals with potential, and train them to be fearless soldiers.

No one knows when the battle will begin.

    …       …       …       …

“Congratulations yet again Narya.” The Commander, a strict and disciplined woman with hair so white for her age, said to Narya.
“You have great potential, almost god-like.” She said softly.

“Thanks, Ma’am,” Narya replied.
She raised her head and caught Tamia glowering.

“Keep up the good work.”


“Yes, Ma’am.”
Narya exited with a smug smile directed at Tamia.

…       …       …       …

“Well, well, well.”

“The champion is in!”

Charlene squealed when Narya walked into the community room.

“Oh stop.”

Narya laughed.

“You were like lightning out there Narya. I mean lightning.”

Shawn said awe evident on his face.

“How did you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Yunno, run like that. You broke the speed record in three minutes, a record that has been unbroken for twenty years. I mean, the last person who tried to almost lost his spine.” Shawn said.

“But she’s here, hale and hearty,” Charlene affirmed.

Narya laughed and shook her head.

“Really though, what if….” Shawn trailed off.

“What if what?” Narya asked.

Charlene gasped suddenly.

“What if…..”

“The Prophesy!”

Shawn and Charlene said together. Charlene gasped again.

“Goodness.” Narya rolled her eyes.

“What if the Prophesy is true?” Charlene asked, eyes wide with joy.

“What prophesy?”

“The prophecy about a child born of the gods and sent down to earth to inherit the IRON SWORD-which is the greatest of the greatest-and will wield it and control its power and lead the great army into battle and defeat THE DARK ONE,” Charlene explained with glee.

“Basically that,” Shawn added with a nod.

“Is that so?” Narya said.

“Maybe it’s you?” Charlene offered.

Narya laughed.

“You guys are tripping.”

“Have you even read the books on the prophecies at all?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Go figure.” Shawn rolled his eyes.

“I mean…. I’ve heard some of them, right?”

Narya shrugged.

Charlene heaved a sigh.

“Listen carefully. History has it that the CHOSEN will stand out among all men. And you my dear, stand out. I mean, your eyes literally glow when you get mad. And that was a trait the goddess of fire possessed.”

“What glow?”

“Your eyes get brighter and brighter than usual. I have seen this happen twice when Tamia really got under your skin.”

“Why haven’t I seen that before?” Shawn pouted.

“Because you don’t look in the right direction,” Charlene told him.

Narya was silent.

He who inherits the sword shall inherit the great power of the gods and shall therefore defeat evil for all eternity.

It was beginning to make sense.

“What else does the prophesy say?” Narya asked.

“He who inherits the sword….” Shawn started.

“Everyone knows that.” Charlene cut him off.

The Chosen shall be one out of many. Similar to a god.

Charlene gasped.

“It explains a lot Narya. A lot about your peculiarities.”

Narya shook her head again, confused.

“So, you lot are saying that I was sent by the gods to claim that mighty sword and lead the great battle against evil itself?”

“The Iron Sword.” She emphasized.

“Uhm, yeah…basically that. You fit the description.” Charlene affirmed.

“But, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Narya argued.

Shawn heaved a sigh.

“Not everything has a pattern Narya. The gods don’t. But we believe still.”


“Alright, I need to think. Fresh air. Walk this off.”

Narya went out of the community room.

“We are right, right?” Charlene asked Shawn when Narya left.

Shawn shrugged.

    …       …       …       …


Narya paced the grounds, lost in thought.

She was so lost in her own thoughts, she almost did not hear it.



She thought as she looked around. She was alone.

As she tried to make her way back inside, she was knocked off her feet by some unseen, yet powerful force that lifted her up high in the air and then held her still, she was floating in the air as though held by some invisible string.

All she could see was light, light, light. Bright blinding light, the kind that brought tears to your eyes.
As she struggled to look past the light, it began to divide and take shape. Then it drew closer and closer.

It became clearer and a figure emerged from the light and stopped before her.

Her eyes widened.


She gasped.

                THE END

This story is inspired by the week's prompt which is INHERITANCE. You can try it out, it's fun.
Thank you for reading.

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