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Britain, Manchester 2006.


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She ran out of the entryway taking full breaths, as she pulled out a cigar from her left ear and lit it. Jonathan emerged from the entryway and said,"Are you OK, you terrified me back there". She talked as though she was going to begin sobbing uncontrollably, "You said the last time would have been our last".

Jonathan approached her now and measured her face in his hands,"We need this one and I guarantee we can go any place you need to". She gave the thumbs up and she kissed him. He grasped her hand and drove her inside as she stepped on her cigarette.

They strolled into a room with a white board and a man with an eye patch held a marker, he was the brains of the relative multitude of tasks, they don't have the foggiest idea about his name, he has consistently been alluded to as Mr. Q. Mr.Q gazed upward from his telephone and gazed at Abigail now, he said in a profound thick voice,"You great". She gestured and he continued to clarify there next activity.

You see being infatuated is inebriating, an individual can show you various shades of yourself that you never knew. Abigail met Jonathan in bar like each and every other typical date, yet they were no ordinary couple. The two of them had a preference for risk, they could tell they were perfect partners from the absolute first day. The system had failed to help Jonathan, he has experienced diverse foster homes till he chose to rampant. Abigail was a town young lady with a preference for awful young men, a match made paradise you could say.

Living on the roads of London, Jonathan figured out how to take things, he began little from wallets to watches and favor gems. Oneday he took from some unacceptable individual and that off-base individual was "Mr. Q". He was caught and in return for his opportunity, Mr.Q made us a proposal to come work for him. We have ventured to the far corners of the planet doing his beading and moving in plane sight. Yet, it's the ideal opportunity for me and Jonathan to make a big deal about ourselves, even perhaps make a family. This our way of life isn't one to invite a kid into, so we chose to stop. However, Jonathan has hauled me back for one final work yet I have an awful inclination about this.

Mr. Q puts on the projector and the Queen's royal residence land map was shown. He strikes his pen on the board as he describes. The castle is loaded up with monitors at each corner yet we are in luck the sovereign is having an illustrious affair and you are welcomed. It's a veiled party so it would be simpler for you to move under a mask. The royal chamber is on layer B in the following structure, you would need to get to the rooftop top and go to the following structure.

On the entryway prompting the royal chamber has a safeguard lock and it must be opened by a key card held by the Chief Commander of the Royal gatekeeper, we are in karma since he would go to the celebration. That is the place where you come in Abigail, your responsibility is to get the critical card off him at all means conceivable and get it back to Jonathan.

Jonathan this where you come in, in the chamber where the crown is, there is halothane fume cannisters prepared to deliver once they recognize oxygen in the room guarding the crown. You need to pause your breathing and walk fifteen stages from the way to the crown and back. We can't hazard any spillage in any gear so you would need to do this old fashioned, Abigail raised her voice and said, "Would you say you are insane, that is inconceivable?". In the event that everything goes as arranged we will be holding up in the south east entryway in a dark van." This is a self destruction mission if you were to ask me, how the fuck do you figure we can take sovereign Elizabeth crown and the world wouldn't see", said Abigail. Mr. Q grins and says, "I like you, your savvy". He put his hand on a concise case and opens it as he drew out a reasonable imitation of the Queen's crown, he says," The world wouldn't see since crown will not be missing". Abigail and Jonathan trade looks.

Abigail could feel the strain getting to her, in light of this activity, something was wrong she thought. For the gala, Abigail wore an excellent dark outfit to coordinate with the shade of her hair and a veil over her face as she strolled down the steps, Jonathan kissed her cheek and murmured in her ear,"you're wonderful". She could feel her dread liquefy as she grasped his hand. They strolled in a corridor loaded with political characters and delegate, the lobby was brimming with excitement and with a ceiling fixture made of gold hung over individuals in the room. This was heaven she thought as she strolled down with Jonathan. Toward the finish of the steps Jonathan bowed and left, allowing her opportunity to start stage one of the arrangement.

She looked through a group brimming with individuals searching for the Commander, she spotted him at far end with companions encompassing him, he wore a bull cover . She took a glass of wine from the server , drank a bit and closed in to make the final blow. On arriving, she lost her progression near where the Commander stood and fell on the floor. The Commander raced to her guide and attempted to raise her up saying, "Miss, are you alright?" She grinned as she inclined towards him, "your such a respectable man ". She put her hand into his jacket and took the key card, she gazed upward and said to the Commander, "Do you know where I can find the women washroom dear sir". They stood up now, as she strolled towards the washroom. Jonathan held up at the entryway of the restroom. He had a grin all over as she passed him the key card, he said,"I consistently realized you were an incredible actress",he laughs and leaves with the key card.


All the hardware were on the housetop as Jonathan changed his suit to a dark warmer weather sweater and dark pant.

He got a hook firearm and fire it to the following housetop as he slid to get on the other rooftop. On the housetop, he took out the two guards and went directly toward the royal chamber . He utilized the key card, and remained outside, he glanced in and he could see the crown.

He took full breaths as he ventured forward , something tumbled from his knapsack yet he didn't go to look at what it was, he ventured forward and eliminated the glass safeguarding of the crown and supplanted the crown with a distraction. He strolled tenderly back leisurely and let out and yell when he felt torment underneath his leg, the catch of his sack has a sharp edge and had penetrated his skin.

The caution sounded and the dozing gas began to feel the room now, Jonathan hacked as he tired to arrive at the entryway however everything was foggy at this point. The party in the lobby was halted and everyone was advised to leave the royal residence in a precise way. Abigail strolled in the fog of the group as she looked for Jonathan, he was mysteriously gone. She had a voice over the radio in her ear, it was Mr.Q. He said,"Abigail cut short mission they have Jonathan, I rehash they have Jonathan". She felt her head become lighter as she gradually tumbled to the floor.


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