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Hey there my fellow hivians due to my life as a student balancing making post and concentrating on my studies had been a challenge, but I decided to find time to write on this week's prompt, I hope you enjoy.

Clay sat in his cell as he wondered how his life had turned out, he had only one toilet, a bunk bed and his few set of books. He wanted more for himself ofcourse but the challenges of the world had made him face such fate. In the cube maximum Security Prison, they had power dampers they wore around your neck that restrict people from using any of their abilities.

Clay wondered how it came to this, he remembered the point he went over to the dark side, it was Christmas of 1999. Clay was kicked out of his foster home because he was overage and was forced to live on the streets, he had been alone since then and nobody seemed to care, that's when he decided to use his powers to fend for himself.

In Clay prison cell, there were marking on the wall, with calculations consigning time and motion. The warden thought he was crazy, so they allowed him to do whatever he wanted in his cell. Clay's powers had always been a mystery to the warden because he looked and acted normally. Some of the inmates often loose there power dampers but they don't get far due to the strict security of the Cube maximum security prison.

Clay had been giving a portion of his ration to an engineer called Mark David. Mark had created a tiny device that could generate an electrical surge in the power dampers and give Clay a chance to escape.

Clay had been preparing himself as not to make a mistake, he wanted to tell the accurate point in time that might be able to stop himself from going over to darkness. If he could change his past, his present time would change and that moment in time will cease to exist.


On 13th day of March, his deal with Mark had been done and he had the device he needed. Standing in his cell staring at his wall, he used water to damp a towel and tied it around his face to cover his nose, he walked back and put Mark's device on the power damper in his neck, it fell to the floor.

The alarms had started to blare and all avaliable gauards rushed to his location, he strected out and took deep breaths and ran face forward into the wall, he hit it and fell back. Beating his hand on his chest, he controlled his breathing and ran towards the wall and suddenly disappeared.

Clay appeared in a space between time and he walked towards a door titled 1999, he opened the door and walked in. He stared at his time, and made his way to the old orphanage, he saw a younger version of himself crying at the stairs, Clay stared at himself with admiration, he looked so innocent.


Clay didn't make any sound he walked to the bus stop in front of his younger self and dropped something off. The Younger clay cleaned his tears and walked to the bus stop and sat down. He saw a package on the seat of the bus stop, it had his name on it. He opened it and saw the terminator action figure with a card saying, "Happy Christmas Clay, Stay good you are loved". Young Clay held the card and stood up to try to find who had just given him his dream present.

As Older version of Clay walked away towards the rising of the sun, he began to fade away, his younger self had decided to give the world a second chance.


Open a door in your imagination and I will walk you through it- @sonofremi

It's good to be back, thanks for reading 🖤

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