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Beautiful Shadow @sonofremi


From a young age Apolius has made a ritual of staring at the female body. He was an artist, and in the roman empire art pays. He occasionally drew self portraits for some of the pilates and governors but his best works were nude images of the female body. He had sketches and drafts of the human female anatomy. He admired the female antamoy for its softness and simplicity.

At this time in the roman empire water was scarce so people had general baths.

Aquae Sulis: The city became a spa with the Latin name Aquae Sulis ("the waters of Sulis") c. 60 AD when the Romans built baths and a temple in the valley of the River Avon, although hot springs were known even before then.- Source

The women in his town always bathed at a general bath, he had formed a habit of staring at the madiens when they came to have their bath he would hide just at the corner in a hidden wall and sketch on his books. Apolius also sold the pictures of nude women to some of the people in his town, they were rumours that some of the images looked like real people but people waved it away as a simple coincidence. Apolius loved his work and he didn't believe what he was doing was wrong; he was simply sketch a still image.

Oneday Apolius was in the marketplace at his stand sketching a costumer that came by. He looked up from his canvas and saw a very beautiful lady. She was dressed in all black and her gold shined brightly as little of it was revealed under her clothing. She walked towards the aquae sulis to have her bath as she walked her figure was visible under clothing and all her assets were visible throuh the black cloak fabric. He stared at her, not finding able to look away, he quickly suspend his customer and took his sketch book and followed the woman.

He entered the aquae sulis and took his normal position at the hide in his hiding spot ready to sketch. She stood there for a while facing her back with a bent head. She ensured the bath was empty.

Pedipalps like that of a spider came out from her back as the black cloat started to rip apart, Apolius started in fear as he gripped his pencil tightly. The creature grabbed the wall above and was upside down. Apolius gripped his pencil with an intense amount of fear that it broke. The creature noticed his presence and its head turned in a 360⁰ as it stared at Apolius with it's red eyes that were from it's face to some parts of it's skull. Apolius lets out a scream and runs away into the near by forest. He hears huge imhuman huge steps towards his direction. He continously ran till he fell down at the entrance of the market as he stared into the forest that he jumped out from. The creature stared at him, it could not come out in the sun. It maintained it's eye contact with Apolius before let out a warning breath and wandering back into the forest.

Apolius sat in a pile of his own urine as he stared into the now empty forest.

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