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James have been applying for jobs since he graduated. Luckily, he was called for an interview and after the interview, he was given the job. He needed to live close to his new work place as his house was very far from his work place.

On one of his searches, he met an old friend and asked if he knew where he could get an apartment of his specifications. James wanted a one bedroom flat in a storey building . His friend told him that he lives in a compound with an empty apartment which has the exact specification James gave. He took James to the apartment and When James saw it, he loved the apartment and proceeded to meet the landlord for payment.

When he met the landlord,the landlord bragged about all of his houses. He told James that anyone that lives in his house, always comes into goodluck. This amused James. The landlord gave him an agreement paper to sign which included that the compound gate as to be locked at 10pm. Anyone that didn't come in before that time would sleep outside untill the next day. James wasn't a night crawler so it didn't bother him about breaking the rule. He however proceeded to make payment.


One day, while James was still awake working,he heard some strange sounds. He went to his window to see what was going on . He noticed someone was trying to scale through the fence. James moved closer to get a perfect view of the person. since he was living upstairs, he could see almost everything in the compound. He was shocked to see that it was his landlord.

James checked his clock and saw the time, it was 1am. He later realized that it was a normal routine for his landlord whenever he came back late as the gate was usually closed at 10pm.

James didn't understand why his landlord would make a rule of locking the gate at 10pm when he knew he was a night crawler. "Anyway rules are meant to be kept", said James.


One fateful day, James's landlord came back home late as usual. He tried to scale through the fence as it is now his lifestyle. While he was trying to jump, some vigilante boys, reached him and held his legs thinking he was a thief. He started shouting and pleading that he is the owner of the compound. They didn't believe him. They knocked on the gate and asked the tenants to come out and identify him as the landlord of the house. Everyone came out and identified him. But when his wife came out, she denied him as her husband. She said her husband had a twin and she wasn't sure who was who. She told them to take him away untill the next morning where she would see clearly to identify him properly.

There was pandemonium everywhere. The vigilante took the landlord away and held him throughout the night till the following morning.


James' landlord came home the following morning. He saw his wife seated outside. He angrily told her to pack her things and leave his house. She smiled and said he deserved what was done to him." How can you always come back late and instead of you to come through the gate, you prefer to scale through the fence. Is that not how thieves behave"?. She said sarcastically.
James' landlord would not have that explanation." How can you even say I am a twin? From where? When did my mother give birth to another child the same day with me that I didn't know of? That was wicked of you. He said and walked inside the house .
James came out to greet and welcome him from his night journey. He asked his landlord if he was sure to continue with the 10pm rule. His landlord said yes that the rule was applicable to everyone except him henceforth.He told James that infact nobody should lock the gate at 10pm again. That he will henceforth lock the gate as soon as he comes in. Anyone can come in whenever they like.

"Of Course you will say that landlord". James said. Meanwhile, how was your night? James asked sarcastically.

His landlord looked at him in disgust and warned him never to greet him ever again. He turned to his wife and asked her what she was still doing seating down at the same spot he met her. "Won't you leave? He asked her.

"Have you not learnt your lesson "? She asked him as she stands up and enters the house.

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