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The ink well prompt #59- My Dreams



I was worried and sad with no one to talk to. My problem kept on coming day and night, everything around me was strange.

I was lost in a forest where I had gone camping with my friends. Walking through the forest with no way to run, I kept on searching for my way out. All I could see was trees and the sounds of birds chirping.I cried, I shouted no one was there, I couldn't tell how I got in to this mess.

So I walked through the forest alone with a scary face and I was so bitter. I started feeling hungry and tasty. I kept on going hoping I would find food and water to drink but not knowing I was going to the deepest forest where ghosts and dangerous animals lived. On my way I found a beautiful lady sitting lonely with her head bowed to her knees weeping bitterly.

What was this beautiful lady doing in a deep forest alone, I asked myself.
Maybe she is lost just the way I am, so I decided to approach her and hear what she has to say.

"Hello, pretty damsel with a beautiful skin"
"What are you doing in this lonely and scary forest where no humans are allowed?"

" I kept on talking to get her attention but she kept on crying bitterly with her face bowed in-between her knees, I was worried. trying to think what makes her cry in this scaring forest not knowing am in the same forest with her, so I call her pretty damsel about three times she refused to respond, only thing I was worry how would I get out of this scary forest.

"pretty damsel can you kindly show me the way out of this forest maybe you know around suddenly" I asked again.

She raised her face up, and replied,

" Fine boy, there's no way out of this forest. You are here and you will be here forever.'' With her face full of Margot and wounds with different mark's on her face,
I shouted "Jesus" suddenly I woke up from sleep and found out it was a dream.

So started casting that type of demonic dreams and thank God it was a dream not reality in life.

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