A story about life

Growing up as a kid was the hardest part of my life .life was great at the beginning of my childhood but then it came to a point where i actually felt what kids on the street did feel .I slept on the street barely had what to eat except remains food we gathered from school or restaurants some eatery that managed to allow us in while some chased us away .But my story actually changed one day when i was being picked up by this very amazing family tho.....

When i was very little i felt life was a bed of roses i had a very sweet mom that anyone in life could literally ask for,she gave us everything we wanted,helped us with home work after school,watched our cloths ,barely shouted on us while correcting us she was so amazing . I had a kid brother that was 9 while i was 12. once after we came back from school i noticed my mom's stomach was larger than the normal size and i asked her what it meant she told me i was having a junior sister, that was one of the happiest days of my life I thought to my self having a junior sister one i would she my dolls with and the rest of the stuffs.

my brother being a boy acted like one,was always shouting on me and asking me to act matured but i didn't really care so i was deeply happy when i heard i was having a baby sister.That day I sat with my mom talking and asking her what he name was gonna be and laughing so loudly.

My dad on this other hand was a very busy man, he barely came home and even if he did was mostly at night and left as early as off to work so all barely saw him all we knew was that we had a dad he is always at work and he loved us but cared about work more.

One day after school when the school bus dropped us off we heard our mom screaming we rushed in and i guess she was due for delivery cause she was holding her stomach and shouting, my dad on a normal wasn't home,my brother rushed to the neighborhood to call our neighbors .Yeah the were one of the most amazing people too .my mom was close to their family we often go there to play at times when my mom was out.

My neighbor rushed in got her cars and took my mom, i actually didn't know that would be the last time i will see my mom .She died few minutes later my baby sister died along with her .That evenings is one of those i will never forget my entire life .

They called my dad multiply times and he did not come and barely picked up,our neighbor came and and gave us the sad news taking us back to her apartment.my junior brother asked cried all night as he always loved my mom and was closer to her the most .When my dad actually picked up and heard the sad news he arrived as fast as he could but it was fucken useless.

My dad came over to my neighbor's apartment and picked us up.every where was so sober the way you could think. After the funeral, I had to agree that my mom was really gone it is a heart breaking event even till date I cannot forget. I had to me the mother of the house,woke up early as i could to prepare my junior brother and i for school, had to be stronger than he actually asked for.My dad barely talked to us,he dropped us off most times at school without saying a word. one day he came home and dropped a letter on the table i picked it up and read it found out that it was a sack notice to my dad his lack of coping at work since his wife's demise and he was gone.



After hours we heard a knock on the door it announced the demisal of my father .They said he was involved in a fatal accident that wen i knew that this life wasn't mine though i felt it was at the beginning.We had to attend another funeral two in one month .i felt so weak, I was brought from one of the richest kids in my class to someone that doesn't even know what to do next .Wandering how we would get school fees,pay for house rent, electricity bills and all of that i could imagine what it felt already even before going through the experience. My nice neighbors still came around asked us to sleep over in their place the night of my father's funeral and we did just that.

The asked to adopt me junior brother i had no other choice that to accept that, i had to start fending for myself being house nannies for people sold in different shops that needed people to .Some houses i worked for were nice to me some were very bad of a place to stay.

There was a house I lived in i got beaten literally almost every day got molested every night till i had to run. I avoided seeing my classmates cause the were far passed me.Life was literally the true definition of hard. Not until I fell into the hands of one nice family and the were very rich .less i forget my junior brother continue his school tho not in one of the best school but he was better off than me and life was a little but easier on his part though.

So the family took care of me grow big that i couldn't go back to high school so the offered to send me to a nursing school instead.I went there got the best grade i wanted and the later send me off to take care of their old Pa while i was practicing my nursing work. Life became a little bit easier once more i felt happy in years. Old Pa was literally very old had his name implied tho so I had to do almost everything for him like cleaning him up in the morning, taking him for strolls on his wheel chair cause even his legs disagreed with him till he bowed out Honorably from the world that was when for the first time the dead of someone actually brought good news to my path.

He willed one of his companies and houses to me, the children actually didn't complain cause they were richer and had more from his shares . i literally never knew the old man was that rich till then,
Life became easier for me i managed the company was successful in it, helped my junior brother in school for the rest of his education . I guess life became a bed of roses once again and I was happy.

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