They're finally here 😊

It's was a busy day in our community, I could see my mom running up and down trying to put things together. My dad was with the village counsel having a meeting it's was a celebrating meeting, I could see many grades of minerals and a bucket of Palm wine. All the villagers were happy 😊 but young and old.


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walking into the compound was really amaze, couldn't understand what was going, staring at everyone in great amazement. I walked towards my mom though she was busy but I manage to attract her attention.
Good day mom. I greeted
Good day Rachel. she replied with a smile on her face.
what's going on here mom?
why is everyone so happy and dressed so beautifully?
Why are the villagers gather here, in our compound? I added.
mom smile at me with a surprise on her face. So you didn't heard the town crier last night, Rachel? she asked.
No mom, I didn't heard the town crier last night, what did he say mom and what is going on (been very curious now) I asked.

Too bad you didn't heard the town crier last night, I told you to stop sleeping like a dead person even the death have ears you won't listen to me. when you are sleeping always be conscious of your environment Incase something unexpected happen. That's how....
is okay mom, (I cut in) have heard all you said, will be mind conscious and alert next time. Mom just tell me what's going on in this village? I asked putting on a serious face.
We were informed by the town crier last night that the governor wants to visit our village today. Yessss o... finally the Lord has answered our prayers and the governor is coming to our village to visit us, that's a blessing to this village, few of our problems will be solve such as poor electricity, poor road, good education and good tap water. my mom says all this with excitement 😊 as she excuse me to attend to one of the village counsel who called on her attention.

My heart was fill with joy when I heard the reason for the celebration 🎉, was more excited than my mom. I rush into the house and change up then join others youths outside. I couldn't wait to have the governor in my community. This has always been the dream and prayers of our community for the governor to visit us and then help us out just as my mom listed.

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It was late in the evening around 5:30 pm the governor didn't arrive as been promised by the counsel, everyone were all getting tired 😩 and disappointed 😞. I was feeling bad too. 4 grades of minerals were already consumed by the villagers and the food was shared among the people. But some of the village keep believing and hoping the governor will come, some started praying 🙏 I joined them to pray. Time was not by our side any longer as it was getting dark, the youths got upset and they start going home one after another. It was 7:30pm I went in to sleep when I heard the people shouting"They're are here! they're are here! they're are finally here 🤩😊💃 the drummers start drumming and the women begins to dance as they welcome the governor into the village.

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