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My Dream

Hello everyone
beautiful morning to you all.
Here is my entry for the prompt contest organized @theinkwell


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Here I was in the middle of celebration, a lots of people dress in beautiful and colourful dresses 👗.
I never knew what happen or how I get there but I never wish to leave.
The celebration was amazing and colourful, that I paused to think I was in heaven or maybe it's heaven on earth. I said to myself.


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I began to walk around the room to see how beautiful the room was decorated, I was amaze and stun by a lady who was dressed in a colourful dress 👗, her dress has a lot of colours just like the rainbow color I couldn't stop staring at her beautiful dress 👗.


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I wanted to know who she is, I was eager to know cause her dress was different from the other ladies who came to the party (celebration) and she was admired by the people. As she walked in people stood up and start shouting as the slap their hands. she take her seat first before everyone else take their seat.
I summon courage and walk down to the lady who stood a bit far from me, she seems to be working there cause she was sharing food, drinks and small chops to the people present there at the party (celebration).

excuse me, I reach out
when she heard my voice, she stopped and turn back.
yeah, how may I help you? she asked
sorry to border you, just wanted to ask you, the lady sitting right there with a colourful dress 👗, please who is she?
she stared at me for a second and then burst into laugh.
I was a bit scared, what's wrong, did I say something wrong? I was surprised
sorry that I have to laugh but it's funny, you mean you don't know that lady sitting down there dress in colourful dress 👗? she asked
Yes. I replied
she is our Queen 👸 and she is celebrating her 60th birthday.
now if you may excuse me, I got works to do. she said and walked away.


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I was now very amaze, the queen? 60th birthday? she looks so young, I could swear she is 30th 🤦
standing there trying to figure out just what she told me, I over head the ladies in uniform discuss: I hope there will be fireworks tonight. she say to the other girl. I just can't wait to see the fireworks. It's always amazing she added.
Yes sure, it's the Queen's birthday anniversary, definitely there will be fireworks. replied the other girl.

What is fireworks? what does it looks like? I ask myself.
I was also eager to see the fireworks 🎆
I keep walking around the party looking for where I can see the fireworks 🎆
Just moving a bit forward I heard the people shouting and they were all running to one direction, they almost push me down.
What's going on, where is everyone running to? I also rush to the direction to see what happen.


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I couldn't believe my eyes
that's was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, Wow! i whispered to myself.
Hey look at the fireworks, a voice say from behind.
Wow so this fireworks? I smile.
The fireworks was amazing, was the most beautiful thing I ever seen. shinning so bright in the sky just like the stars 🌟 with different beautiful colours.


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wake up.. Wake up.. have you forgotten that
you have an interview by 8 o'clock and you are
still sleeping by this time.
it was then that I realized that It was just a this was all a dream, I Said to myself, I wish the fireworks in reality.... I wish I was never dreaming.

Never seen a fireworks before but always my dream to see and witness one (fireworks).
The End

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