The Dreamworker ✨

'It is a fearful power to be able to control dreams.'

That was the first sentence my grandma said when I started my training to be a dreamworker. Only a handful of people in my family had the power to be able to influence and manifest theirs and other people's dreams and the last people that could do it was my great grandma, Miss Athaga, the Dreamer.
She was one of the strongest dreamworkers ever, such that her powers began showing themselves in her teenage years when the norm was for it to appear in your mid twenties.
My Grandmother believed I was even more powerful than her mother and so she started my training at 13.

"She's too young." My mother argued profusely, looking at young me sweating profusely but still shivering as I slept standing up.
"She began sharing dreams with people at 10. She's the most powerful dreamworker there's ever been." My Grandmother countered.
"She needs to know how to control her power before it controls her. I won't be here much longer to guide her. She'll train now." My Grandmother concluded the conversation.
I looked at myself from the eyes of a sleepwalking rat, then I looked at my mother, in her eyes there was fear.
Fear of me, fear of what I was, what I was turning too.
My grandmother died a year later, not nearly enough time for me to fully understand my powers. I had understood the basics but I've not started to understand why I needed to understand the power itself.

Now 13 years later, I stood in the middle of the woods, the warmth of a home with a fire had been replaced with the warmth of a flimsy coat and an even flimsier cloak.
I watched myself from above using an Owl who had dozed off due to the sleeping gas I threw earlier.
I looked around and saw my pursuers, I was approximately a kilometer ahead, but they were closing in quickly.
The we're 5 in number, heavily armed and no air of amusement near them.
Surely the shoot on sight kind of pursuers.

I smiled at their brashness by following me in the dead of night to the woods filled with hibernating wild animals despite knowing my rumors.

  • The Witch of Dreams
  • Dreamwalker
  • The Dream maker

Bounty hunters were always so much fun.
They had on gas masks, which implied that they at least had prior knowledge of my abilities.
I need the victim unconscious before I can control them.
I scouted further and I saw the cave I had first noticed.
Straining the owl's visual powers I saw what I had hoped to be in there.
A family of bears, happily and warmly asleep.
I transferred my consciousness from the owl to the bears.
A time of momentary darkness before my eyes open once again.
I saw a white barn owl, lying down oddly in the mouth of the cave.
I looked down and saw the paws and fur. My tongue trapped within cold razor sharp teeth while my nose could smell the cologne on one or maybe all of the attackers.
I moved awkwardly, trying to get a sense of equilibrium and stability as the controls of piloting a light body differed considerably to a heavy set of muscle and fur.
I sniffed the air again, smelling the balls of meat I had in my main body, the cologne smell had gotten dangerously close to the meat smell and I knew it was my time to run.
So I did, all whites blurred together as I ran in a bear's body, my sole destination being the musky smell of cologne.
In less than 5 minutes, the smell had gotten incredibly stronger.
I could also hear the voices of the men now. They knew something was coming, something big.
It always gives me a distinguished thrill when the pursuers become the pursued.
They were on top of the hill, wondering what it was and I was about to let them find out.

I ran up the hill, coming up their side and jumping up, delighting in the shock in their faces.
I'm sure it would be a surprise to anyone to see a grizzly bear mid-winter.
I didn't wait for their shock to come down though as I took a swipe at one of them, bashing him to the side and knocked straight unconscious.
I had to dial out the power so I wouldn't kill them.
That's one thing I tried never to be, a killer.
I looked at the other 4, one seemed ready to piss his pants.
I heard a click and jumped out the way as one fired his gun.
He seemed to be the one in charge.
They rushed and carried their comrade before retreating into the woods.

I needn't pursue them, they wouldn't be back tonight.
As I walked the bear back to its cave, I wondered where to go next.
Seems like I was wanted everywhere and almost every 2 nights was a bounty hunter attack night.
I was tired of it and tired of being attacked without even doing anything
I reached the mouth of the cage and noticed the owl had already gone.
Maybe it woke up and flew away or it had become a meal for another.
I didn't think much of it before putting the bear back to rest.

As I opened up my eyes in my main body, the first thing I noticed was the lack of snow in my surroundings.
I was bound by my hands and feet. I had been captured.
"Welcome back Dreamworker." The voice of my captor rang in my ear.
"You!" I say with venom dripping of the words as I looked at my previous partner Ian.
"Hey Eliona." He said smiling.
I looked around in shock and he smiled.
"Don't bother, there's no living thing in a 2km radius around us, not to talk more of a sleeping one."
"I thought we agreed not to ever see each other again." I asked him.
"Yes we did, that was a personal decision." He said smiling.
"So why are you here?" I ask again.
"Well this is purely business." He replied calmly.
"Someone wants to meet you." He said smiling.
"... and if I refuse?" I asked him.
"Sorry love. You can't refuse."
He threw my sleeping powder at my face.
I looked at him in shock, wondering what this was all about as my vision dimmed.

I slept first, immediately, I tried to come out and see what was happening.
He couldn't have killed everything, surely a gnat or an ant was around.
"You wouldn't be able to leave here young Dream Worker." I heard someone's voice in my dream.
"Who are you?" I asked him, shocked that someone was able to enter my dream.
"I'm just like you, a dreamworker and I'm here to help, you're in grave danger. The dreams are becoming harder, nightmares more vivid. It's time for you to continue your training."


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