From grass to grace

Clara lives with her uncle in the village at the back of beyond, the uncle's name is Julius, and his wife Tina, they never treat Clara well because she is not their child, but Clara never looks at their shortcomings because her uncle is the only family she has ever since her mother died. Meanwhile, people in the village didn't know what was going on in their house since their house was far from every other house in the village.


"Clara! Clara, are you deaf?" Tina called where she was sitting in the room.
'Yes ma'am," Clara rushed down from the backyard into Tina's room.
'Where have you been since, help me with that cup of water on the table," Tina said to Clara.

Clara looked at the cup of water and looked back at Tina then said, "But ma'am, this cup is beside you ma," immediately Clara said that Tina stood from where she was and then started beating her up, her uncle was coming from outside and he heard noise in the house so he quickly rushed in to see what was happening.

"This girl is becoming something else in this house," Tina said immediately after she saw her husband.
"Clara, what did you do to my wife?" Julius asked, Clara was about to explain herself when Tina quickly said, "Oh you can't talk again right? Well let me help you, I sent her a message and she refused to do it,"

"What? How dare you disrespect my wife, today is the last day I will let you do that to her," Julius said while he pushed her out he packed her clothes and then threw them outside for her.
Clara cried and then begged them maybe they would forgive her but none of them looked at her side, but she didn't leave and some minutes later their child who was around 6 years came outside and then gave Clara some packed food and said, " Aunty please forgive my parents, take this and leave don't let them hurt you again," and that was when Clara knew she can't stay in the house again so she left.

Some weeks later.

Clara was able to build a hut at the back of beyond where nobody was able to find her. One early morning, Clara was planting maize outside and then she heard some strange sound in the bush, she held her cutlass well and then moved slowly to see what was in the bush. And when she got closer a young man came out "Arrrh..." The two of them shouted in chorus because they were both scared, meanwhile, Clara nearly cut the guy's hand with her cutlass.


"What is wrong with you, did you want to kill me?" The guy asked
"What are you doing here," Clara asked while pointing the cutlass at him.
"Calm down and put that thing down, and what are you doing in this bush all alone," he asked.
"None of your business so answer my question before I cut you with this," Clara said again because she was scared if it was someone from her uncle.

I... Am.. ok... Calm down I will explain, I... My name is Jay, I came into the bush to take pictures and I came to the village with my cousin for a holiday," Jay explained himself, and immediately Clara heard that she dropped the cutlass and then relaxed.
*Jay came from the city with his cousin for a holiday and he is the only son of his parents, his parents were very rich but the two of them died in a plane crash last year and ever since then Jay has been managing their company and he took in his cousin so that he won't be alone.

"You need to leave," Clara said after Jay was done talking.
"And what will you be doing here all alone," Jay asked while following her to her hut.

"If you don't go back now I will kill you with this," Clara scared him off with the cutlass pointing at his fine face, Jay got scared and stopped following her but he didn't leave he went back to hide to see where she was going. He was able to find out where she lives so he left after finding out Clara's house which was unknown to her.

The next day, Jay came to Clara's house with a basket full of food.
"How did you find me here," Clara asked looking so angry.
"Calm down I mean no harm, I just like your personality," Jay replied.

"Personality? What does that even mean?" Clara asked and Jay told her the meaning, Clara found him fun to be with and they spent the whole day together, while they were together Clara explained all that her uncle did to her for him and Jay felt back for her.

"We are compatible," Jay said without knowing what he was saying.
"Compatible, how? Nobody cares about me all I have is this hut and my small farm to provide food for myself," Clara replied while she nearly cried.

Jay hugged her and then said, "You can always talk to me," Clara shook her head to answer him. And that went on for some days, meanwhile, his cousin has been wondering where he always goes to every day. Three days to the day Jay was leaving the village.

"Clara I will be leaving in three days," he said looking so sad.
"Oh really, I will miss you but don't forget to always come back to see me," Clara replied feeling down too because Jay had been a good person to her since the first day they met.

"You can come with me if you want," Jay replied while resting his hands on Clara's shoulders.
"Really, can I?" Clara asked.

"Yes you can," Jay replied. And that was how Clara left the back of the village to the city, some months later Jay asked Clara to marry him because he had loved her the first day they met, they got married and lived happily together. Some years later Clara came back to the city to take her uncle's child because the girl didn't do anything wrong.

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