They Come Here


The clock on the wall shows 11:30. The monitor screen still shows the air condition in the border area. No significant movement. All that gives the officers the opportunity to relax.
However, five minutes after that there was a sign of moving objects entering the air of the area they were guarding.
"Look someone broke through our perimeter," said Roy.
Roy immediately gave a report to Commander Aby.
Immediately contact troops to the coordinates to be passed. Prepare all the logistics and weapons," said Commander Aby.
"Yes Sir!"
He also ordered one of the officers to take pictures from satellite imagery in order to get a complete picture of the foreign plane.
From the satellite imagery it was immediately possible to see a silvery outer object streaking from the sky towards the city limits. At first glance, it only resembles a white spot and then it becomes increasingly visible to its true form, an unknown spaceship.
He asked an analyst to find out the type and type of aircraft. It wasn't long before it was soon discovered that the outer part of the carbon fiber was able to withstand high pressure.
Once in the Earth's atmosphere, this aircraft reduces the friction effect with the surrounding gas and tries to maintain its position with the help of a protective tank in the form of Argon gas.
Analysts explain that to speed up the movement, the ship uses a backup power of fine krypton like uranium atoms with very high nuclear power.
Suddenly there was a report from the radio about a foreign plane they were monitoring.
"Delta Siera reports about a company of unidentified troops exiting the plane. Waiting for the Commander's orders."
"What are they doing?"
"They're here. They're getting closer to us," the radio's voice trailed off.
"Stand up and stay alert. As soon as there is any dangerous movement use all your strength and help will come soon. Keep an eye on us and contact us."
"Yes, sir"
The commander immediately prepared himself if at any time he had to come to the troops who were on surveillance duty. He immediately put on a bulletproof suit and prepared laser weapons and other necessities. He did not want his men to be in danger.
"I will go straight to the landing site with a stealth plane. Prepare the plane and some people to provide support. Don't forget all the officers in the control room don't let your guard down."
"Yes, sir"
"Roy, when I leave you I ask to keep the situation and always coordinate with me."
"Yes Sir"
They immediately departed with stealth aircraft that were not detected even by any radar. On the plane the commander kept in touch with the Delta Siera troops.
This stealth aircraft is very effective for reconnaissance and infiltration because it does not make any noticeable sound or movement. In a short time the commander immediately landed without being noticed by foreign troops.
Once out of the stealth plane the commander immediately approached the Delta Siera troops with extreme caution.
Delta Siera's commander-in-chief gestured with two fingers to warn everyone to be on the alert because the foreign troops were looking for something. Don't let them find out where the Delta Siera troops are.
"How are things?" Commander Aby said in a half-whisper.
The Delta Siera commander raised his hand and formed a letter with his thumb and forefinger. The commander understood the point. Commander Aby observed the situation. He noticed some personnel from the foreign plane were walking around.
Commander Aby immediately gave a code to turn so he could sneak into the alien plane.
Several members of Delta Siera's army immediately got ready. Unfortunately, as they were walking, they were spotted by troops from the foreign plane, so they became targets of fire. The firefight can be avoided.
Commander Aby immediately pressed the emergency button on the communication device that gave ry a command at the control center to immediately attack with all the air power they had.
While everyone kept fighting until they almost ran out of ammunition. Foreign aircraft equipped with modern weaponry are truly not to be trifled with.
Luckily, in a critical condition, the bomber plane came to help until the Delta Siera troops and commander Aby can be rescued. The alien plane was successfully destroyed with a laser weapon developed on a stealth plane that could not be detected.
This aircraft is also equipped with missiles that when locked can shoot directly without missing. A precise shot at the fuel source made the alien plane explode. The troops outside the plane were finally defeated.
They captured two enemies and took aircraft samples for research

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