Ringing In The Midnight


The crashing waves push the sand deep into the shore. Water splashes running and chasing along the beach. As if greeting the sand that is constantly being pushed by the waves. The wind in the afternoon blows gently brushing the coconut leaves that line the beach.
The orange color on the western horizon blends with the blue sky. A pinch of mega bridges the golden color in the corner of the horizon. While the sun began to lower to sink in the western sea. Presenting colors that were previously bright are fading in the evening.

Jane sat on the andesite rock looking out at the wide sea. Her gaze was blank as if he was expecting someone to come. She continued to gaze further towards the horizon. She knew that far ahead lay the open sea. There were so many things stored like how he felt.
As if the sea had buried all the stories of her life.

This long black haired girl came there very often. She had been visiting the beach for almost a year and always sat there. He felt unwilling to let the color of the twilight disappear without her seeing it.

It was in this void of thought that he suddenly felt someone's hand resting on her palm.

"Jane, come on you have to go home soon," the man said softly.
"But I'd like to see you get on your boat, Jack?"
"But it's almost night."

Jack kissed Jane's forehead which was still tightly hugging Jack's body. Jane's arms were released and Jack immediately stepped into the boat. Jane waved. Jack replied with a smile.
The boat immediately took Jack out to sea. Jane could only pray that Jack survived and came home the next morning with lots of fish.
Jane immediately walked home. When she got home, Jane tidied herself up and made some tea and sat down on the sofa. She always remembered how happy she was to be Jack's wife. As a couple who have been married for two years, they are a happy family. Even though they are not rich, they can provide for the family's needs. Jane was happy that Jack had always been kind.
Jane took a sip of hot tea. She opened the photo album. Sheet after sheet she opened and watched. There are many memories stored in neatly arranged photos. Memories are intertwined when turning over a new sheet.

She still remembers well when her father politely refused Jack's proposal. Jane's father is not willing if his favorite child is married off by a young man from a fishing village.

"Maybe you should consider more carefully the plan to marry my daughter. I don't want Jane to suffer," Jane's father said at the time.

"Okay," Jack looked a little disappointed, but not desperate.
Jane who heard her father's answer was very sad. Jane immediately entered the room and burst into tears. Three days and three nights Jane did not leave the room. She chose to lock herself in his room. Every time it was mealtime his mother tried to persuade her to come out, but to no avail. Sadness makes Jane sick. Her father finally relented after being persuaded by his wife. Until one afternoon the father came into the room and said he agreed to Jane's marriage to Jack.
"Thank you Dad," Jane's tears rolled down her pale cheeks.
Marriage is done simply. Jane didn't want her father to feel any more pressure. Jack also promised not to disappoint the whole family. Jane's father was a little comforted by Jack's promise.
Jack really kept his promise. He had never treated Jane harshly. Jack knows that he has got lucky by marrying Jane.

Jane took another sip of tea. She turned on the television. That's when she saw there was a prediction that there would be a big storm tonight. According to weather forecasts, the shift from the dry season to the rainy season often causes extreme changes. That means it could be that when the weather is sunny, it suddenly turns really out of control. A very clear night with stars scattered, suddenly turned cloudy and very dark and it rained heavily with strong winds.



Jane's thoughts suddenly fell on her husband. Jane grabbed the cell phone at the table where she sat. She tried calling Jack's number but there was no answer. She again pressed the recall button to call back. Still no answer. Jane was getting restless. Anxiety kept Jane from sleeping. She tried to contact Jack again and again, to no avail.
She tried to calm down and put the phone back down. She looked at the clock on the wall. The hands of the clock showed 12 o'clock at night.
Suddenly her cell phone rang. She immediately picked up the phone because she hoped it was a call from Jack.
"Hello. is this with Mrs. Jane?"
"Yes.. Who is this?"
"We from the rescue crew found your husband's ship sinking. I used this phone because there were calls several times. We rescued the victim. I don't know if it was your husband or not."
Jane felt the earth she was sitting on shake. His head was filled with erratic thoughts.
"Yes sir," said Jane weakly.
"If you can hurry to the pier in the harbor because we are already docked there."
Jane immediately took out her motorbike and broke through the rain that had started to subside. Jane arrived at the harbor dock and immediately contacted the authorities. Jane was immediately ushered into the room where there were victims of the sinking ship.
The caller who gave the news immediately went to Jane.
"Come on Ma'am, let's see the victim."
Jane just followed the man from behind.
Once in the room Jane screamed loudly and burst into tears when she realized her husband had fallen victim to the storm.

Several of the women in the treatment room tried to encourage Jane.
"Is there a family to contact?"
Jane gave him the number to call. All families, both Jane and Jack's extended family, were informed of this tragedy.
The next day Jack's funeral was carried out with great emotion. Jane's sadness still lingers so she always comes to the beach to remember Jack.
Jane always sat leaning on the andesite stone and stared at the empty sea. She only hoped that one day he would meet Jack in heaven.
Like today it's been a year since Jane visited the beach. He didn't want to lose the memory of Jack. Just a little different. He no longer rides a motorbike there. He uses a scooter to go to the beach. He walked along the river bank near the house to the beach. The air made him feel comfortable to linger there.
A memory of unhealed sadness and tragedy. But he believes that one day he will find a glimmer of happiness. He never knew whether riding a scooter would also entertain him. But for sure he can enjoy the life that still has to go on.

Thus all my writing this time.
Best regard from Indonesia.

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