The pediatrician sat in front of us. We waited anxiously. We want to know immediately the health condition of our child. We have been trying for two years to do the treatment and it still doesn't work. It is hoped that the right doctor's diagnosis will be able to provide a solution for his recovery.
My wife is holding Fatih, our son. He looked limp because it was so hard to eat. Every time you are fed, you will always vomit. Its growth is stunted. At the age of two he still could not walk. His movements were slow and he cried every day. We have to take turns carrying so that the child is calm. We have often checked at the clinic but it still doesn't work. This time we visited a famous hospital in our city.
The bespectacled man looked at us with tenderness.

"Sir, Ma'am. Your son is indeed sick. But don't ever give up hope and try to heal. We will try hard to provide the best treatment."
"What happened to our son?" asked my wife immediately curious.
The doctor took a deep breath. "Before I convey the results of the test, I hope that you will be patient with this ordeal."

We nodded in unison.
"From blood tests, CT scans, x-rays and analyzes that we did, we diagnosed several diseases that we had to treat. The diseases we had to treat first were spots on the lungs and inflammation of the esophagus. This inflammation makes the child feel sick when swallowing food. Because If you can't swallow, you will lose your appetite as a result, you will not have enough intake and your body will become weaker."
We listened to the doctor's explanation carefully.
After finishing checking and explaining the doctor wrote a prescription for medicine. I immediately went to the pharmacy and got the medicine according to the doctor's prescription. We went home with a little relief and hoped that Fatih would recover.
During this time we feel so hard to take care of Fatih. Sometimes, I myself often get angry with God. Why is an ordeal given to a child who knows nothing. Why the ordeal was not me who endured it. Shouldn't I be the one who is guilty of being so naughty, evil and unkind when I was young, should I have to bear it? Shouldn't an innocent child not be involved in the retribution for my sins? Many times I screamed in the middle of the night asking God to transfer my son's pain to me.
But I finally realized, maybe this is God's way of punishing me. Maybe this is a big ordeal that I have to go through by caring for a child who has many diseases.
Since that examination we always give Rimfapicin. The red medicine must be given to Fatih before eating. The drug will be effective on an empty stomach. After waking up in the morning I fed Fatih with the drug. The doctor advised that the drug should not be stopped for six months. If one day is missed then we have to repeat the treatment from the beginning again.
The wife holds Fatih in her lap and prevents her hands and feet from thrashing around. Fatih's loud cry made his mouth open. I tried to put the medicine that I had diluted with water in the spoon.
There is a feeling of being unable to bear to see a child who has been given medicine cry. Often the drug is vomited. My wife even cried when Fatih cried and shook her head so that the medicine spilled and splattered on her clothes and body.
"Too bad. Shall we just stop it?" he said one morning in the first weeks of treatment.
"No. We're trying."
My wife was silent seeing me answer firmly.
The first two months and the next we passed by giving this lung disease medicine. We also visit the doctor every month to check his progress. Micostatin helps fatih to have more appetite because the inflammation of the esophagus is reduced.
One night before the doctor's control in the sixth month of Rimfapicin treatment, Fatih suddenly got up from the bed and got off the bed without a bed. We wanted to help him down but it was too late. He stood up and tried to walk towards the door.
We screamed with joy.
"Fatih..." I shed tears of joy.
Arriving at the door Fatih turned towards us by walking slowly. His steps were still a bit shaky, but managed to get to my wife. My wife hugged and kissed Fatih.
"Oh my God thank you for this gift. This is the most beautiful gift. Forgive my anger," I thought with tears in my eyes.
When he visited the doctor Fatih was running more smoothly. He even dared to open the door and see the doctor in the room. When it was our turn to enter, we immediately thanked the doctor and told him about Fatih's progress.
The doctor looked happy to see Fatih's behavior and our joy.
"Fatih is now healed."
"But do you need another blood test, doc? He said that after six months of treatment, you should have another test to check his recovery."
"No need. I know he has progressed a lot from when he first came. And I'm sure his tuberculosis is cured."
"Yes Doc."
"This is a miracle that God gave. I used to want to tell Fatih that there is an abnormality in the left brain. But now I dare to make sure it didn't happen. Or at least he's fully recovered."
We were astonished to hear the doctor's explanation of a diagnosis that was never given to us. Now we feel like the happiest people. The diagnosis was canceled by the doctor himself.
We said goodbye to the very patient doctor. We went home happy.


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