Bamboo Stick Inheritance


That afternoon, the family room of the late Hary was filled with all the children and in-laws. The mood of grief has begun to lessen. Of the four children, only the youngest child still looks puffy.
Tunel, the youngest is a child who was educated harder by Mr. Hary. All her siblings are happy because they always get better treatment. However, they did not want to show it in front of the youngest.

This is the afternoon of the third day after Mr. Harry's funeral. They gathered to wait for the presence of the person they considered to be the determinant of their future. Everyone seems stronger and looks cheerful, except the youngest. He was feeling deep sadness.

Tunel's sadness is used by his brother to get his attention. They want to be seen to have affection for the youngest. However, no one knows the motives in their hearts.

"Don't be sad, we know that you have taken good care of your father. We also know that you love him very much, as much as we love him. Your father must be at peace there," said Alex, the eldest, encouraging Tunel.

Tunel nodded slowly, Alex smiled. Tunel felt as if his brother was paying more attention.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and a man in a suit with glasses carried a leather bag.

"Welcome Mr Kicut," said Alex

"We've been waiting a long time," said Arga, the second child.
Vivian, Mr Hary's third child, the only one daughter, prepared a chair for Mr Kicut to sit.

"I'm sorry for the delay. The road to get here is very congested," Mr Kicut started the conversation.

He took out an envelope from the bag he was carrying. He held the envelope while occasionally fanning it. He looked at everyone present.

"Okay, since all the heirs of the late Mr Hary are present, I will immediately give the rights of all heirs. As Mr Hary's lawyer, I only carry out the mandate he gave me."

After explaining the chronology of the giving of Mr. Harry's will, the moment that was awaited for the contents of the will came. Mr Kicut untied the knot on the envelope. He slowly pulled a piece of paper out of the envelope. He placed the paper on the table directly in front of him sitting.

All the family members waited anxiously. Alex held his wife's hand while imagining the contents of Mr Hary's will.

"Of course I will get a big inheritance from my father. I am the only daughter," Vivian thought confidently. Her hand was squeezing the handkerchief she had been holding since earlier.
"If it's not fair then I will immediately file a lawsuit," Arga thought. He glanced at Alex and Vivian.

Tunel kept his head down sadly. He still feels guilty because his father died after suffering from heart disease. Tunel felt that he had failed to take good care of his father. He regretted why when his father spoke loudly he still felt offended. He was often annoyed that his father always made him the one to blame. Now he felt lost because his father could no longer advise him.

All eyes of Mr Hary's children were on Mr Kicut. Of course not Mr Kicut himself, but on what was their father willed.

"There are several inheritances that will be distributed. This inheritance is in the form of assets and businesses that have been managed by Mr. Hary."

Everyone listened to what was about to be shared with them. Alex gets a magnificent villa. Arga was asked to continue the yogurt business which was already growing rapidly. Vivian gets a shop in a new market. Everyone was happy because it was what they expected.
"Specifically, Tunel has been assigned to take care of this house, 20 Etawa goats and a stick that is used by Mr Hary to pick leaves as feed for the goats. Tunel has to use a stick every day to pick the leaves."
Everyone looked at Tunel. There is pity because they only get 20 goats and a house that is not too big. And the hardest part is using a stick. But for them, it is appropriate for their youngest brother to take care of the house left by his father.

Tunnel just nodded. He did not feel jealous of the inheritance from his father. He still mourns the death of his father.
He promised to take care of the house and the goats like he took care of his father when he was sick.
"You have to take good care of this house. Remember, this is a mandate from your father," said Alex. Tunnel nodded again.
"I think it's lived up to our expectations. Everyone got what we wanted." Arga added.

After the mourning period, everyone returned to their respective homes. Time has passed. Everyone has inherited it. Alex uses the villa for fun. However, due to not taking good care of the villa, the villa was damaged. Arga, who was supposed to develop a yogurt business, was actually involved in debt. Meanwhile, Vivian failed to run her shop and went bankrupt.
Tunel takes good care of the goats and the house. all he remembers is his father's will to raise goats and capitalize on 20 tails so that they continue to grow.
Every day he uses a stick made of bamboo to reach the leaves on the trees to feed the goats. Green leaves make all goats healthy and growing.
Knowing that the inheritance managed by Tunel was developing well, the three brothers agreed to meet his youngest brother to ask that the house he lived in was sold.
"You know we all didn't succeed in continuing your father's business. We agreed to sell this house. Like it or not, you have to agree," said Alex.
"Yeah, you'll also get a share later," said Vivian curtly.
"But I don't want to. It's all inherited from father. You've already got your share."
We will not disturb the goats you raise." Alex assured Tunel.
"You just have to sign this vote and everything will be fine," Arga added.

Although Tunel tried to oppose, but finally relented. With sadness, anger and disappointment, he signed a letter stating his agreement to sell Mr Hary's inherited house.
After the process of selling the house, Tunel lived near the goat barn. It's very sad. He felt beeing bullied by his brothers and sister. He spilled his anger by hitting every twig while taking the goat's feed.
He holds the bamboo stick firmly. He hit a rather large branch. This stick did not hit the branch but hit the tree trunk so that it broke.
He felt guilty because the bamboo stick he was supposed to guard had cracked. When he was about to look at the crack in the bamboo stick he realized that there was a piece of paper tucked into the stick. All this time he had not realized there was a piece of paper in the bamboo stick.
Tunel opened the cracked bamboo and pulled the paper. He read the writing on the paper.

I know it's a bit late to tell you. I knew at some point you would read it. Maybe at that time you only had this stick. But believe me I have prepared everything well. You split this bamboo stick carefully. Everything in this stick I give only to you. Not to other people. I know you will use it wisely.
Your Father

Tunel didn't feel the tears running down his cheeks. Missing his father who had educated him well even though it was hard.
Tunel splits the bamboo carefully. He was very surprised when he saw the many diamonds in the bamboo. His father had given him a very large inheritance.

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