“Is it just me or there seems to be another bright light competing with the sun today? said Logan.
“Let it rest please bro, your eyes are playing tricks on you again” Chuchu said. Logan was so sure he could see some sort of smaller sun in the sky but he quickly forgot about it and focused on his task of fixing the giant electron telescope that had been damaged by the recent hurricane Glenda. It was a category 4 magnitude storm that hit from the Pacific Ocean about a week ago. Even though the observation tower was fortified, it still took a significant hit that required maintenance.

Logan and Chuchu had studied Space Science and Technology at MIT and both came out with first class results and so were sent to do their internship at NASA. After about eighteen months, they we’re finally NASA Certified Space Engineers (NCSE). Today’s job was their first opportunity to put everything they learned into practice without being monitored since they had now been absorbed as full staff at NASA’s Space Observatory Program. It was a big job which would’ve taken them two days to finish. So they got busy and didn’t care what was going on outside. “This is really a dream come through man “ Logan started because he’s always been the talker. “Yup! Chuchu exclaimed and asked his friend to please get to work since they had a deadline to meet. Hours into the job, Chuchu decided to go outside for some air when he discovered an unusually bright light in the sky. This time, it seemed to be drawing closer to the earth.

Logan! Logan!!
“Come quickly”
He screamed.
Logan ran out towards him with uttermost urgency.
“What’s going on Chuchu?
Th..thaaa…that’s not possible? “That can’t be a space ship right Chuchu or are we just dreaming?
Omg! Omg!! “I’m gonna pee my pants if that’s what I think it is man” Logan continued. He had started sweating and would probably have fainted if his friend wasn’t there to calm him.


At this point the bright light became too powerful for their eyes to endure so they ran back into the building housing the inner station of the telescope. They both were overwhelmed with fear because it seemed the UFO had chosen their location as it’s destination. “We can’t be trapped in here like this” they thought. So they put on their protective glasses which had the ability to bounce back the most powerful ultraviolet lights. But first they must peak through a spy window to see if it was a military simulation or an alien invasion.

After much deliberation, it was decided they both had to peep at the same time.

To their uttermost bemusement, they saw what looked like a giant saucer but this time around, it had flames bursting out from underneath it like those from a rocket. Slowly it stopped a few feet above the ground like it had landed on an invisible platform. All the plants beneath it had been burnt to char due to the flames coming out from the base of the ship. A few minutes later a powerful ray of light beamed from underneath the craft and some unfamiliar creatures appeared. About five of them looking like humans but had scales and spikes all over their bodies. Another distinct feature was what seemed like both a tail and legs at the same time. With large green eyes they scanned their new environment using some tools never before seen by Logan and Chuchu.


Logan: They’re aliens bro
Chuchu: Yes bro. We have to do something quickly
Logan: We have to alert the authorities and let them know that “They’re here!


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