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Humans ask themselves unusual questions, it's best to rephrase the question: How would a cat manage to take over the world?

First, let's profile the human who did it, we'd call him Larry. A genetic engineering student at a major university in the country. This wiry, nerdy-looking young man of about 26. He was experimenting with creating a cat capable of having opposable thumbs. He started genetically altering it from the time it was a cell, let's say it was the first cat being conceived in a test tube. He bombarded the tiny embryo with altering hormones, and also sequenced its DNA in an attempt to give it similarity in the paws to human hands. For two months he was in his laboratory working hard until the cat was fully formed.

The cat born in a laboratory was also named Einstein, although the human called him Raccoon, he was not born with thumbs. At first glance, he looked like an ordinary cat with black spots and white fur, green eyes, a 3-month-old appearance, and a very playful personality.

Larry took the cat home disappointed with his project but didn't realize that Raccoon had named himself Einstein. If Larry had done all the relevant tests he would have noticed that the cat's neural waves were different.

The cat thought and analyzed, it could read minds and manipulate them as well. It could read books of a thousand pages in a matter of an hour. Einstein the cat revealed nothing of his abilities to the human. He was too intelligent to commit such stupidity. He knew it meant examinations and torture to death.

Let's say the super-smart cat perched on the roof one night and asked himself the same question that humans were asking. What would happen if cats ruled the world? He then began to come up with different plans in which he did or did not include the human race. He could carry out restructuring in the minds of the other cats, endowing them with an intellect similar to his own and enslave the humans. Another plan could be to make a virus strain capable of killing humans without going to war with them, they would just disappear and he could simply dominate the world. But he discarded it when he saw that his preferred food was made by humans.

That night he couldn't sleep. Humans were a key point for cats. And even if they could dominate them, everything would change. He was at a crossroads because even if they had their good side, their bad side was worse. War, pollution, slavery, and even worse experimentation on animals. So, Einstein, the cat decided to master it in a roundabout way.

He had seen it on political shows, where presidents were managed indirectly by their defense secretaries or their vice presidents. It was always better to manage them in the shadows.

He designed a chip that would be integrated into his brain, would expand his telepathic powers to the range of covering the entire planet. Using the frequencies of antennas and satellites, he could enter the minds of all humans. He subtly sent them new commandments that they could not break. Einstein reprogrammed the human psyche in a matter of days.

And so millions of humans did not notice how their violent habits were changing. Deforestation ceased, fights for territory were canceled, weapons were launched into space, animals that were used as guinea pigs were released into the streets. As well as many other things humans did without noticing it.

On billboards, in the news, in social networks, new laws that could not be broken or infringed began to be disclosed:

1.You will not abandon your pet.
2.You will not harm animals or the environment.
3.You will honor your pet above all else.
4.You will love animals above your fellow man.
5.Science is for the welfare of animals.
6.Feed your cat before you and five times a day.
7.You will adopt the first homeless animal you see.
8.Never hate animals.
9.Allergy will be considered sacrilege against animals.
10.You will live only to take care of your pets.

Einstein was right in his conclusion.

The human who opposed his dictates strangely suffered a cardiac arrest. It was as if breaking the programming destabilized their vital functions.

Humans never knew about the change.

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