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Ergon admired the breathtaking world where he had been conceived. A place where the mountains, the land, and its entire continental plate rose in a sea of clouds. At the peak where he stood was one of the most dangerous mountains for a human to climb. From the peak in a squatting position, he admired the beauty of the rays of his sun. They did not pass through the sea of clouds but bounced off because they were so dense. In addition, he could see the rays in both waves and particles, something a human could never see.

The boy was about 500 years old, but he was only a mere adolescent in that strange cosmos. His eyes were yellow, he had a human-like figure, but he was not human. He had brown skin and was bald. His nose was tiny and he barely had a mouth.

He smiled with pleasure and suddenly heard his younger brother's voice coming up the mountain.

“You never wait for me Ergon," he squealed grumpily.

So steep was the mountain that the little boy named Tripaliare climbed it like a spider. It was an almost apt comparison, the young boy was digging his fists into the hard rock with effort, and with determination, he was slowly moving up. Tripaliare was taller than his older brother, as well as possessing hair with a ponytail hairstyle. The young man's hair shone like sunlight and his dark eyes surpassed those of the night in space. Both characters possessed the musculature of warriors. In that world to fight was to survive, day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, second after second.

Ergon gave his brother some space and when he sat down, they both kept quiet. So show they had to grant him his time of silence, it was not always possible to keep such a time of peace. From there they could see thousands of floating islands, enemy campfires, and the most amazing thing, the sun.

“After so many fights, no one stops to contemplate the wonders around them," Ergon yawned. “Fighting blurs his vision.”

“I guess not, sometimes it's more fun to fight than to stand and admire things," said the little one.

“It shouldn't be, after all, no one can be sure there are more worlds out there. I still remember Dad's anecdotes when he fought for Mom. He says he destroyed almost a continent because of the punch he gave to his opponent and only because of a woman," he said, accompanied by more yawns. “It shouldn't be so beastly to find a partner.”

“I want to be able to do something like that, to strike a blow capable of shaking the world at the same time," Tripaliare picked up a rock from the ground, "They are saying that now the trend is to join strong groups, fighting alone is a waste of time and I think they are right. That way one can get more strength when fighting and cause more devastation," Tripaliare reflected.

Ergon could not help but think what silly ideas his younger brother was coming up with. He didn't mind alone or in a group, attacking with such irrational senses as a woman, or because he just looked at you ugly made him cranky. He always thought he was different, but he acted like everyone else and boasted of being one of the strongest of his time. His ability to use speed as an impulse to release the necessary energy caused great damage, he was proud at intervals, even having the name Ergon gave him pride.

“Surely you would be more against me for your being Fortia than I will be," complained his brother and hurled a rock into the sky.

Due to the force of the launch, it was able to take off from that planet, going out into space like a meteorite. Ergon stared at the poor rock that would never return to that world, his sight could reach far. Able to observe the other existing planets close to his own. The world they lived in was composed of binary stars, made up of three stars. Two nearby that when they were lost in the horizon only one of them was left behind, but it was the most enormous. And that was the one they were contemplating at that moment, for that reason they would never get to know the darkening. And even less they needed it, their bodies always produced the necessary energy to be active. Maybe that was the reason why they fought so many times, the need to let go of what they had accumulated was their philosophy.

“No, brother, never, you know you have a great potential to fight and someday you will surpass me," he admitted.

He said that not fight with his brother. Since they were little, that was what they had always done. When they were barely a year old they fought by nature, they never got to talk to each other until now they had reached a conscience. For children only have a wild impulse to fight. For a moment they both remembered when they destroyed the cave they lived in for a while or the island they broke in two. In all the disputes they had they ended up with their younger brother crying and Ergon was praised by their parents. For only having an undefeated losing streak he was the more spoiled of the two.

“Yes, of course," replied the boy and they remained silent longer. “Someday he will defeat you," said the younger brother.

He preferred a thousand times to be with his brother observing the landscape and not fighting to see who was the stronger of the two.

Those moments they would meet, visit any place unknown to the Forties and talk civilly about their battles or their lives. During their respective births, they were together, but at that time they would separate. Each would go their separate ways to find an opponent to defeat until in the end, they could find their perfect mate. Ergon, however, had different plans. He wanted to learn.

In the years that passed Ergon had the joy of meeting a group of people worthy of his company. Warriors who esteemed him as a leader and as a friend, capable of reasoning about the war that loomed over each of them. For the first time in the history of that strange and different world, a society was formed. Ergon was the leader, so with the powers of the others, he gradually created a utopia. He never forgot his little brother, he remembered him every second. The fights for him were ceasing as his curiosity increased they were discovering more things about their world. At least the battles for no reason, because they developed a scientific group coming to find the reason for their violence.

The Forties needed fierce contact with each other. Their bodies were similar to human beings on the outside, but not internally, they needed their system to always be active. Every time they fought their organism created more energy, contending released that energy, and if they didn't they could explode like a star. The information allowed Ergon to create a tournament every day, just for health and fun, a motive was established, and there was a rule not to kill the opponent.

Life went on like this for 200 years, until the Keus arrived, mysterious warriors with abilities as powerful as they were terrifying. With an antagonism to what Ergon was trying to create. To his surprise his brother Tripaliare confirmed him, after so many years he saw him there taller and surely stronger than ever.

“Brother, at last, I found my group," Tripaliare indicated and walked in a friendly way towards him.

“Long time no see," he answered somewhat hesitantly. “I have been thinking about you all this time.”

“Likewise, but I don't like what you have created. I had to come with my friends after hearing so many rumors about the change in our customs... and believe me, our boss doesn't like it at all," his brother smiled threateningly. “So we will have to destroy everything," Tripaliare tried not to look threatening.

But it was impossible not to look threatening if at his back five immense subjects would surely defeat the Forties that accompanied him at that moment. He clenched his fists impatient for them to leave.

"You say you don't like it, brother, but we've made great strides in finding out who we are," I replied, trying to sound polite.

"We've never cared about that nonsense," interrupted a big man with his chest heaving.

“Yes, you have no manners," he pointed out, losing his temper.

“Manners, brother?" laughed his brother. “You say words that are a bit ridiculous for us," he said, finishing laughing.

That made him angry and ignited his body, something he hadn't felt for 200 years.

The earth trembled at his feet.

“What will you and the tame Fortis do!" another of his brother's companions sneered.

“Go away!" fury seized him.

His shout shook the entire island where he had resided with the population that had followed him. With his sharp ears, he could hear trees and rocks breaking and several houses made of stones shattering. He was sorry he had been angry after so long.

“We'll be back in two years," said his younger brother, and they left quickly.

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