The seducer being seduced | The Ink Well Prompt #14



Being in the city subway was the most beautiful thing that could happen to me right now. It didn't matter that I had to put up with the perspiration or the smell of others. Nor that we were cramped in the car. People could complain and kick about how uncomfortable the situation was, but my eyes were only on a female who abstracted me from all the discomforts of today's society.

What did it matter that the government was corrupt! what did it matter that people were negligent of their rights or duties! If life gave me moments like this.

Before approaching the fine young lady, I studied her. The girl was ten years younger than me, and from the medical book, she was holding I could only conclude that she was a medical student. From the way she mumbled with her delicate crimson lips, I guessed she was intelligent, one of those who wanted to excel in everything and knew by heart what they studied, repeating without any notes insight was an indication of that. She was wearing brand-name clothes tight jeans from Zara, a lime green blouse from Mango, as well as some silver moon earrings for sure. It was strange to see a girl of such level in the Metro, it was common to see them driving their car.

Then I saw a nervous twitch that gave her away. She was scratching her forehead, so she looked out of the corner of her eye several times. It was either her first time or she was still familiar with the system. The last detail that made me realize she had a chance was the symbol she carried in her backpack, it told me what station her college was at.

“Miss, are you lost?" I asked, approaching her from the front, not wanting to scare her.

She hesitated to answer. She showed pride and distrust. It wouldn't be easy, but she accepted challenges like this all the time.

“I can tell by her expression, she doesn't seem to know that she passed the station of.....”

“What's it to you! Busybody” she turned her back to me, letting me see her beautiful brown hair.

“I didn't mean to bother you, miss," I let a few seconds pass waiting for her to respond, but she didn't. "You missed a station, get off at the next one and take the return. "You missed a station, get off at the next one and take the return. Anyway, when you get out of the station walk two blocks and you will find the entrance to your destination.”

“I'm sorry, I thought you were interested in me. I didn't expect you to be such a gentleman," she indicated without even looking at me.

Those actions caused me bewilderment, it was time for her to see me and I could use my arts. I wanted to tell her that yes, I was also interested in her, but that would only push her away.

“Don't be sorry, I'm sure it happens a lot," I shrugged my shoulders in bewilderment. I looked at her reflection through the window of the Metro. “Stay calm.”

I had to hurry, we would soon arrive at the station. While she kept thanking me for what had happened, she wouldn't let me speak. Besides, I was searching for the words to even get her name. That was enough for me.

Unfortunately, the arrival beep sounded at the station, slowly the doors opened and people began to pass through. I found myself in the painful situation of watching her leave among those people. She waved her hips like a pair of free leaves in the wind. I averted my wounded eyes from such beauty and stared at the ground.

The universe rewarded me. This was not going to be a fleeting love. Elissandra, that was her name, had dropped a note on the ground. It was trampled, but there it was. My heart was pounding violently. It had become an interesting game.

Meet me observer

You could call me anything you want, but you'll have to trust my words, or maybe not.

I am for you Elissandra.

I would find it, for where my eyes were drawn, my lips received the kiss they were meant to receive.

The Metro continued with its hustle and bustle. Old men complaining, boys chatting, ladies with huge bags of groceries. But my world buzzed with joy as I picked up the note of challenge.

“Elissandra," I murmured in love.

And I was because she was turning out to be as perceptive and cunning as I was.


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The Ink Well Prompt #14

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