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Character's technical data
He is a Chinese from the central region, of Japanese descent.
Physical appearance:
Hobbies: Drinking and hanging out with prostitutes.


I just wanted to drink and drink, if I had any strength left I would go for the opulent blonde who was serving beers on the northeast side of the bar. Of course, a number would grant me the honor of sneaking into her lap. My happiness was to get drunk until I blacked out, forget my name and my past.

“Huang Jie, wasn't it”

It was my name, the wretch who interrupted my ritual was an Asian, but from his accent and slurred pronunciation, I knew he was a foreigner. Even so, I couldn't identify whether he was Korean or Japanese.

If I didn't have the dainty look of a courtier or Lord of who-knows-what land shit, I would have beaten you until you regretted talking to me," I took a sip.

I hoped that insipid high-class guy would go away. I was sick of the quests, intrigues and killings. I raised my glass to drink again and there was the stupid courtier.

“I was looking for you, Mr. Huang Jie.”

I kept drinking, my bad mood was only appeased by the delicious freshness of the beer, its horrifying taste dulled my senses. I didn't want to hear the same chatter " Mr. Huang Jie, we need you to work for us, your skills match the requirements we have for the mission."

However, strangely that fellow was silent. I noticed that he was not wearing the respective clothing of a lord or highborn, no linen or cotton in his clothes. Although I did not decipher what material, his clothes were made of. The impression of highborn I thought from the neat features, his teeth were pearly white; his hands were those of a delicate writer or imperial craftsman.

“I had better leave me alone," I rose from the table and displayed my powerful muscles, as well as the many scars I bore. “I'm in my damn leisure time.”

The person was not intimidated as I anticipated, he just stood there staring. I couldn't stand it and threw my beer mug straight at his skull.
This foreigner was physically my antithesis. Well dressed, neat, unscarred, tall and clean-cut. However, the guy moved with surprising speed.

I tried to hit him several times after he blocked my first attack. I didn't expect to see myself using martial arts to subjugate the guy. I even had to draw my sword to intimidate him. It wasn't enough, my adversary closed the distance. I knew what I was doing, I'm no fool. If I decreased the range of my weapon, it would be ineffective and would neutralize me. I countered that measure by throwing objects from jugs, chopsticks or even chairs.

I anticipated badly again.

The lanky one eluded my poor improvisations to mitigate it, I deigned to be extreme and tried to hit it with the handle of my sword, but as if it were a light drop of water, it effortlessly deflected my blow.

“I can't believe you beat a Sarangani with such crude skills.”

-Shut up," I made a feint of thrust.

He deflected my lunge, I expected it and so did my knee. With all my strength, I hit him in the stomach and left him breathless. He rolled on the floor groaning. I sheathed my weapon and went after the blonde, who, like others, witnessed the fight. It took me a while to realize that I didn't know she was a Sarangani.

“Nosferatu, succubus, Kasha, Kuang-Shi.”

There was still energy left in the lanky one. However, I remembered my last assignment. I longed to forget it; I looked at the blonde and on her appeared long illusory fangs.

“Do you want me to kill more monsters," I asked trembling; I did not want to return to that cursed land, nor to see another such creature. “I won't do it for anything in the world, leave me alone!”

“We are looking for you to train you; we want you to be part of something bigger.”

“If I beat you then that thing can drain your blood in an instant," the blonde ran away from me, she went to the owner of the shop who just appeared. “I'm leaving.”

I left the enclosure; I didn't want to know anything about supernatural beings, not even about killing people. My world was transforming into an unknown place, it was already chaotic, but for the first time I understood how dangerous it was.

I didn't even take three steps.

“Good, you managed to defeat Zeng Yong. Now try with me” Another foreigner stood in my way, there was energy and power in his tone of voice.

I was sweaty, tired from fighting with this Zeng Yong. Therefore, I weighed my short options, underestimated the hairless man and was almost defeated. I looked at my new opponent. Younger than the previous one, Asian and with a strange cut, he didn't wear a ponytail like me or Zeng Yong.

“What do you want?“ It was better to give up; as soon as I had the chance I would run away.

“I didn't expect that, I thought you were a barbarian willing to fight to the end. And that the only way to break you was to have you on the floor spitting blood” he didn't say it as an insult, it sounded sincere to me, as if it was a prognosis of what would happen to me.

Nevertheless, I did not remain silent and answered provocatively:

“You can take away from a general his army, but not from a man his will.”

“Oh, a man schooled in the philosophy of Confucius," he added, "To think that behind the dirt there was wisdom.”

I never cared to be messed with my looks, now I just wanted to know the pay.

“I Tell me once and for all whom I should assassinate, what people I should poison or what monster I should annihilate," I got to the point, but I feared that the mission would be my last. “Wait, who is Confucius? The woman who said those words was the famous Un Ki.”

The foreigner paid no attention to me, in his eyes there was a gleam of joy and stupidity.

“My name is Lee and I want you to join OMO.”


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