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“River, Scotter, and midnight," Victoria enunciated furtively.

Victoria was a beautiful lady like no other, but she was not delicate as everyone thought. She was stubborn, she liked to get dirty walking along nature trails, no matter what goal to reach, her clothes ended up stained with mud. She had been like that since she was a child. A flower, a rock, a creek to know, nothing stopped her from knowing and learning.

“So that's the challenge," Maya smiled, pleased that the feat was not an easy one. “Composing verses with those three words is not easy, Victoria.”

Maya was smaller than her friend, skinnier, and more masculine-looking. If it were up to her she would cut her hair down to her shoulders, but her parents wouldn't let her. She was also stubborn, liking to engage her friend in her problems. However, she was talented with letters.

The two stood close together, both looking at each other intently. The river was flowing quietly a few meters away from them.

“Yes, come on precious, you know I delight in your poems," Victoria caressed her friend's hairy arms with fervor.

They were both wearing pink dresses made by their tailors. Victoria was 22 and Maya was 16, yet the latter looked like the one who knew life from the bottom up.
Maya made it as if mulling over the words.

“I Compose some verses for a beautiful lady.
It's a simple task for the inspired
in such heavenly beauty.
A lady of marriageable age,
but no one has been able to take her heart.
A river heart,
that slips through masculine fingers,
has eyes for only one person.
A person who is midnight,
Dark with moon shines.
Shines that only the lady knows how to distinguish.

It is the best combination
A river meets at midnight
And both escape
They escape from the rascals
They escape from society
They escape from the masks of their being
On a scooter at full speed.

The river and midnight
escape together on a scooter,
something like no other.
A Unibus is enough
to leave society behind.

When the girl finished declaiming her versus she observed a satisfied Victoria, they were very close to each other. So close that their lips could touch, so close that they could smell that fresh peach breath they both possessed.

“Then let's escape on a scooter at midnight," Victoria ran her hands over Maya's cheeks. “And if the river doesn't agree, and if it's afraid.”

“Midnight says to let go of fear, to follow the natural course of the river, no one can impose who to choose when you have already chosen your destiny” Maya kissed Victoria's little nose. “Midnight will always watch you from above without taking possession of the river, it will be above you, but never over you.”

Victoria bit her lips in amusement. She was getting tender.

“Oh what a thing for midnight to say," she sighed, "Yes, let's escape on that scooter.”
They gave each other a tender kiss, parted frightened of their action, but immediately surrendered their lips to love again, in a kiss stronger than the previous one.

The river continued to flow around the girls with a dancing rhythm. It was daylight, a few yards from the river was a lonely dock, on it was moored a strong and willing barge loaded with provisions for several days, waiting for its passengers to embark to depart downriver. The weather is willing to take them far away, where they could be happy.


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The Ink Well Prompt

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