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My wife tried to murder me, but I beat her to it and turned her off for good. So you could say that was the end of my honeymoon. I would have expected a series of beautiful moments, some romantic kisses swearing our love and memorable scenes in the pool of the hotel we were staying.
Now I find myself staring at her limp body on the floor of our luxurious four-star room. She didn't wait for us to eat breakfast or even glance at the food cart that was brought to us.

I thought I had known her all my life. Then I had confided my secret and my past life. I ached for what had happened.

The beautiful rose-covered bed was soaked with my blood. Paola was able to cut my arm and part of my chest. Many times I heard the saying that love makes you weak, that's why it took me five minutes to respond. I was taken by surprise by her aggressiveness, her agility and the force with which she dented the wall of the room. He looked so fragile, incapable of killing.

I gazed out the window at the horizon. The beautiful sea was there as if painted for us, the spectacular beaches crowded with tourists and the seagulls flying over that magnificent spectacle.

“Fooled again!” I recited in pain and clenched my fists. “Once again I fell for a person's deception!”

I analyzed my late wife's previous movements, I forgot the big picture. She wielded the knife with precision, that meant years of practice, not a month or a week, even the wrenches she applied with her legs to my neck, not even in self-defense is that feat accomplished in two days. My muscles were still sore.

“The conclusion is obvious. She was always a murderer," I said to myself to cure myself of the evil that plagued my heart. “Fluid movements, without hesitation or remorse. Not even in self-defense. She was going to kill me. Why? Was she threatened by some old enemy? And where did she learn all that?” I remembered that Paola had a hard time getting rid of her ex-husband.

I stroked my watch and deactivated Gorilla mode.

Immediately my muscles regained their tone and the stiffness disappeared, but my heart was still pumping a thousand miles an hour. hello
I sat there for 10 minutes pondering.

“How did I never notice her abilities," I moved closer to her body. Breaking her neck was not easy. I didn't even want to hit her. For God's sake, she was my wife! Or there would be the possibility of impersonating her. “The only murderer is myself, she knew it and she never showed any sign of repudiation. So why now?”

I set the watch to the Canis familiaris mode. My sense of smell became sharper and I perceived the scents more clearly. The scent of the corpse was definitely not Paola. It was her same curly black hair, her eyebrows arranged, her same tropical body, but it smelled synthetic. The fragrance of artifice enveloped the body.

“Let's see," I deftly made a deep incision in her arm. “What are you hiding?" the wound on her arm barely bled as it should, inside I found a thousand wires. “Not just a killer, but a machine. This has no signature of my enemies, neither the hitmen of Bello Monte, nor the London or even the Airport gang.”

Leave the corpse. Wander around the room again. No one could create such an artifice. The government or any multi-billion dollar company was light years away from conceiving such an engineering art.

I stroked my watch and pondered an idea that hung in the balance. My watch is an artifact fallen from the heavens. Capable of scanning any specimen on the planet and emulating its biological characteristics. Of course it had been manufactured to be a scanner, but I modified it so that it could transfer that data to my body, thus granting me for 15 minutes the abilities of the specimen I had selected. I got it in my childhood and I never knew which company or person created such technology, could it be the same authors?

Another more important question that also needed resolution. Had they changed my fiancée and when, or was I always with an android? It was impossible Brian was such a real boy, so innocent and now he was alone without his mother. The first thing was to find him and get him to safety, the next to find out all the answers.

5.A man discovers his wife is a killer-for-hire.

I hope Im not breaking any community rules. Since the story may imply something else.


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The Ink Well Prompt #6

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