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Humans learn from their mistakes and failures, they may be wrong two or three times until they understand the concept of their mistake. However, Frank had taken this to the extreme. He was a now-famous man, he had multiple master's degrees in different areas. In addition, he had five companies to his name. Frank was a 30-year-old man who could do whatever he wanted, so he kept studying new challenges.

Frank's success was that he planned his every move. And he made it a rule to only make a mistake once. And he followed it to the letter. He only had one chance to fail, then he would try again to succeed. This was how he invested in the stock market and made millions of dollars. It was also the same method he used to found his companies. The first one was a failure that the public forgot, but he did not, he studied every mistake he made and documented the possible mistakes. It was his method of action, dabbling in every possible scenario.

He could not break his childhood promise. Frank, an adult, would not forget that moment that marked his future.

One hot October night at a children's party, he was barely 10 years old. Frank was fascinated by the sensual movements of one of his classmates.

“Go and dance, Frank," urged one of his schoolmates.

The dancer was the innocent birthday girl named Anne. Her face was the living expression of tenderness. Frank felt his heart leap out of his chest, but not because of the girl's beauty, but because of the movements. He wanted to emulate them.

Following the boy's advice, he approached the girl. The girl welcomed him with pleasure. He remembered that it was playing a salsa song, characteristic of his country. However, when he started dancing, he felt clumsy. He was then teased for not knowing how to move on the dance floor.

“Broomstick!" they all shouted in unison.

That cracked him up. Even when the party was over, the taunts followed him like carnivorous crows in the school. That's when he made a promise to himself to never feel shame again, he did it while crying in his bedroom, he wasn't going to feel shame, ever again. He would only get one chance to experience it, the next time he would be amazed.

The first thing that a 10-year-old boy did was to learn to dance salsa.

At the next party, Ana wasn't there, but he amazed everyone with his experienced steps. He was the dancer.

However, that did not stop there. He became fascinated with that feeling of pride in achieving a goal, not only that, he became addicted to the fascination and amazement of people watching him do something they thought was impossible.

So in a short time, he became the best at mathematics. And like a soaring airplane, he followed with classes in Spanish, English, technical drawing, and even sports like soccer.

"This kid is amazing! In the first game, he was a disaster, he didn't even know how to pass, and look at him scoring masterful goals."

That kind of commentary gave Frank a boost.

Of course, behind the scenes, he spent a lot of time watching his mistakes. He even went so far as to film himself in secret, so he could see his failures more clearly. And the last step was to practice. He practiced when no one could see him, both mentally and physically. He would focus on that one skill he wanted to polish for months until he felt worthy to show off his polished skills in front of the public.

Of course, he never felt embarrassed again. He knew he would succeed in surpassing them at the next opportunity.
Life couldn't get any better for Frank, who also called himself The Organizer.

However, now as an adult, he could not feel the love. He loved to excel, but not love for another person. He felt them as mere fans of his accomplishments, but internally he was looking for a friend or a loved one who understood his feelings. Frank had never told his little secret, not even in show interviews. His desire to be fawned over by his audience was something people only imagined, but didn't know was real.

“Hello, broomstick," said a tender little voice.

Frank was walking in for his next interview for a famous magazine for billionaires. He was dressed up in a beautiful dark blue suit.

He was elegant, but he froze when he saw a little girl sitting on the podium. Where he would be interviewed. Well, it wasn't a girl, it was a woman in her 30s. Only in that face, Frank glimpsed Anne, the dancing girl.

“So, this is where you ended up," Frank said as he moved forward hesitantly, he didn't know why, but he felt nervous. “You just disappeared.”

Anne laughed in amusement.

“Oh, that, my parents and I moved out after my birthday," Anne gave him one of the cushions to sit on. “Although I hear you've become a wonderful dancer!”

“Who told you that?" Frank blushed, embarrassment rising from his stomach. “Oh, yes, I still am," he blushed, even more, knowing that this was an interview, and he was screwing up. “But let's talk about something else," he was trying to adopt a more professional air.

“Broomstick" Ana laughed as she spoke. “We've known each other for a long time, can't we catch up?”

Frank was heated.

“You're still as cute as when you danced when you were ten" he blurted out, unable to control himself.

Anne smiled coquettishly.

“Are you trying to win me over, broomstick?”

Frank felt the embarrassment choking in his throat, so he couldn't answer without coughing.

“That's a yes," Ana patted him on the back, so he could breathe.

“No, that's it...”

“So your words were pure lies," Anne arched her eyebrows, but she kept smiling.

Frank coughed again, trying to cover his mouth, but coughing harder and harder. He didn't even know what was going on.

“We can talk about something else.”

Anne shook her head in amusement.

After so many years, Frank felt he was failing and felt ashamed, but he didn't know he was feeling something else. He had been hiding it for so many years that he didn't realize that what was out of control was something else. He discovered, despite his clumsiness, that Anne was the best journalist in the country, as well as the best dancer who matched his skills. Even so, he continued to fail in every encounter with her, or so he thought, but at every step, he managed to become more human.

Two years passed in that courtship, he tried to look more seductive and perfect, he even read books on seduction, but the awkwardness and nerves sprouted when he was next to Ana. He did not realize that there were some mistakes that make you more human in the eyes of the loved one.

What happened in those two years will remain for another story. Because Frank will make many efforts to seduce our dear Ana.


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