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Here they come! We were waiting for them in the field of roses that we had carefully cultivated for five years.

Here they come! Down into the huge special ship the size of a four-story building, with lights that rivaled that of a submarine. A circular craft similar to the ones so many cartoonists drew years ago to express the image of aliens.

Here they come, but they were not aliens, they were my in-laws who would be staying for a week in our home. A large farm on the Breve plains of the planet CMPCC.

“Here they come, dear," my wife Maura, who had not seen her parents for 100 years, gesticulated excitedly. “How fast the years have passed, haven't they?”

Here they come! Anyone would think that a hundred years is enough to forget the in-laws, but no. The worst thing is that they come in a ship. The worst thing is that they're coming in a luxury building, in a Bloq Inter 10. According to the Intranet catalogs, they could house a house. A house! I'm sure they are going to stay for about 10 years.

“Here they come," I whispered with contempt, Maura didn't hear me, but I did. “I can't stand this.”

Here they come! Didn't they get the hint? I took their daughter away from Earth to be far away from them. I never wrote to them, never gave them a gift, never sent them the address of the planet we lived on. Were these not enough signs that I wanted to live alone with my partner?

“Here they come," my wife kept shouting euphorically. “Dear, here they come! Sorry for giving you such short notice," she pouted at me, but I was still annoyed. “I know you don't get along with them, but you could put up with them for 20 years," Maura made eyes at me. “Please, sweetie!”

Here they come! And the ship landed without making the slightest noise in the rose field, destroying what it took me years to harvest. 20 years! 20 years! Too much, I barely endured 50 years living in their house, enduring their criticism of my way of thinking, their complaints about my way of managing the bank accounts, their hatred of my way of being, their racism towards my wolfish appearance.

Here they come! Oh my God, here they come! Surely my Lupus face showed the aggravation of the situation. My wife was human, I could stand her, I loved her, but my in-laws I did not. They were the humans I hated the most. And here they were coming. The hangar of the ship was descending and with them my two in-laws.

“Here they come" I growled, and this time my wife heard it.

“Here they come! Yes, honey, they're my family and I want to see them for a while" Maura caressed my muzzle. “It doesn't matter what they say, that our species can't conceive children! That you're a Lupus! Blah, blah, blah” she kissed my prominent fangs sweetly. “But I love you, and that's worth a lot.”

Here they come! And no matter what my wife says. At this moment, I hate too much the asshole who discovered the secret of immortality. Twenty years seemed barbaric to me, but here I was, accepting my wife's terms.

“Here they come! Oh my God," and I let out a small tear.


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