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Ernesto had a date today. The strange thing is that he was walking through the lonely streets in the rain, and it wasn't a drizzle, no, it was a storm that was lashing the streets. Huge drops were hitting the boy's sweatshirt, he had his hands in his pockets to keep warm, which he did in vain. The water had seeped through his black clothing and he was beginning to feel cold. No matter if he could die of hypothermia in that weather, he had a date with a girl and he had to keep it.

He was walking down the colonial street with his eyes on the ground because of the wind gusts. He looked sideways at the clock and hurried his steps. There were five minutes left for her to show up, if she was not at the place at the agreed time she could get angry and kill people.

Ernesto turned right, then left, and then right again. Until he entered a dilapidated building, an old colonial house in ruins that no one took care of rebuilding. That's where Abrahel, a female demon, lived.

He arrived just in time. The yellow moon rose in the sky and a large abnormal shadow appeared in the center of the room. Amid the debris, a woman with beautiful features and a seductive garment that barely covered her private parts was emerging from the darkness. She had appeared to make him fall in love even more. Ernesto got down on his knees to receive her.

“Oh, my beloved," Ernesto raised his eyes to look at little devil. “How have you been my love? I have missed you all this time.”

Abrahel looked disdainfully at the human, it was clear that they were a couple. But all because of a bad wish on Ernesto's part. From the beginning she wanted his soul, he was one of the darkest souls she had ever witnessed in her mortal life. That man-made all kinds of traps to emerge in life, although he had never murdered directly, he made people take each other's lives, he was a writer who unleashed strong emotions in people, a diabolical writer.

“Stand up, don't make a stupid scene. You know I hate them," Abrahel floated closer to the human and put her tender breasts on the face of his beloved. “You smell like a bitch," her voice contained a hint of jealousy. “Who were you with?”

Ernesto didn't have time to tell her who he was with. They kissed passionately. Their tongues battled intensely. They longed to see each other, they could only see each other every five months and they gave themselves to each other. Abrahel's tongue was like a snake, rough to the touch, even painful, but Ernesto was a sadist who enjoyed afflictions. And though the demon's breath was unpleasant, her body was smooth to the touch, a moon-white skin with multiple satanic tattoos. The other attraction of Ernesto's girlfriend was her extensive black hair, as well as the two small horns on her forehead.

The boy placed lover's kisses on each of the horns.

“It's just a girl I hang out with, but she doesn't give me the same inspiration as you do, my darling," was the belated reply, as they caressed each other vigorously.

“I'll kill she if you fall in love with her," her eyes flamed and skin burned for a few moments. “Your novels, your stories, your poems are only for me, do you understand?” She lifted Ernesto's chin, seeking his gaze through his glasses.

Ernesto nodded ecstatically and kissed her girlfriend's lips again.

The two had met as a result of fate. The young writer was a fan of esotericism and the occult, so he got hold of books on spells or summoning demons. He knew that summoning meant death, but he had to see one. And he succeeded, at the cost of sacrificing one of his most precious possessions, a notebook.

He plunged the dagger into the object and the beautiful demoness emerged from the shadows. It was not as wonderful as they thought. Any nearby objects shattered, flowers rotted, windows shattered and several tools burned with black fire.

Abrahel pounced on Ernesto and grabbed him by the neck. He dared to call out to her and interrupt her chores. She narrowly missed squeezing his neck completely and ripping head off. She was captivated by his dark aura. She wanted that soul for herself.

So they made a deal. He would make a wish in return she would take his soul. Abrahel thought he was getting away with it, but Ernesto came out on top.

His wish was to have her.

From then on they were together. Two hundred years, six months, two weeks, and two days of seeing each other.

That dark union unbalanced the universe. Every time she materialized one night thousands of living creatures died, nearby equipment was damaged, the economy declined, meteors hit some corner of the earth. However, that didn't matter to those two.

She did not reflect it, but she was in love with this human. Indirectly, because they were linked, he could live as long as he wanted.

“My writings are all for you, my dear," Ernesto kissed her beloved's horns again. “You are the succubus of my lyrics and the apocalypse of my poetry. You are the pandemic of my thoughts and the anarchy of my ideals.”

Abrahel lifted his human to the skies. No matter how many passed away, they would always be together.


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