Because without looking for you, I've found you everywhere

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She was older than me, but that did not prevent our relationship.

I'm a simple swimming teacher with varied knowledge of various subjects that have helped me survive in the world. However, I teach swimming lessons because it makes a lot of money, money that would go into the investment fund to set up another business with an even bigger market.

I don't classify myself as a womanizer or a casanova, I'm not handsome, but I'm striking. Once a girl told me that my eyes are those of a predator always hunting, I loved the comparison and I appropriated it. Truth be told, I don't think my eyes are the striking part of my being, but rather my words.

Words are my greatest strength since I grew up reading books of all kinds. So it wasn't strange that I knew a little bit about everything from sports, economics, reading books, history, psychology, and even calculus or algebra.

I know I talked a lot about myself, but that's where the story begins. She has a clear name, called Michelin Beltran, is a woman who grew up spoiled by men, she never lacked anything, if she had wanted a car, a car she got instantly from her suitors. Fair enough, that is, she had a daughter with one of those men. She lacked nothing, of course, but she knew deep down that she lacked something.

I won't say that that something was me, I'm not that self-centered. But she did know what she lacked, adventure, and I could give it to her in spades.

I would never have thought I would have caught the attention of such a woman. A lady with a six-year-old daughter, 8 years apart. Although I'm not a young man as you may think, I'm 24 years old and with an engineering degree.

You won't believe it, an engineer giving swimming lessons. As I told you I have my sights set on working for myself and setting up my business, with that in mind I need investment. Besides, it's my first venture.

She registered her daughter Valeria in the classes, from the first day she gave me some suspicious smiles. I reciprocated them as best I could, I missed that from a single mother. I was not looking for conquests, but to do my job.

And so it was, without expecting it at the end she asked for my phone number. I didn't expect that either, I was working with two other colleagues and they were in charge of networking or communication, I was only in charge of teaching the classes.

“Can I communicate with you, teacher, or with the other teachers?" she said nervously.

I thought she was a shy woman, beautiful but shy.

“Of course, but it is better if you communicate with Betania and Anais, they are in charge of those matters.”

The lady just nodded gratefully and left.

She was an unattainable woman for me. Opulent in all her figure and clothing. Someone like me, who was just emerging, could not see myself with someone like that at all.
When she left, her exotic perfume remained in my being, but I discarded her captivating scent.

No, we wrote to each other quickly, about two months passed. I saw her in the classes, but we didn't speak to each other, just glanced at each other. As soon as I glanced at the representatives, Michelin was there with her eyes on me and not on her daughter. I could see that. Still, in my refusal, I thought it was because I was a man and she didn't trust me to teach the swimming lessons. Many women thought that way and so sometimes they expressly wanted my female classmates to teach the classes.

However, I didn't let that stop me.

Then one day it happened. He wrote to me telling me about a post I made on my social media. It said:

"There, how nice to take me".

My other venture that needed money, is to form a travel agency. And of course, I travel a lot. But adventure travel trips to the mountains and trips to paradise beaches. So Mrs. Beltran had seen a photo of me summiting a mountain. I replied politely, she read the message, and there it was again.

But on the surface of the pond began to bubble and gurgle a feeling of euphoria. I had caught her attention, that was for sure. You will say, I am the hunter, but I was the prey because now I'm terribly in love.

As Cortázar says:

Because without looking for you, I have found you everywhere, mainly when I close my eyes.

And so it began, a constant messaging, but in-person cold as ice, but with that captivating smile and curious look.

The messages ranged from "What a beautiful landscape, "I'd like to go with you" to "Hi, I went jogging today, look at this breathtaking view" followed by a picture of a beautiful sunrise.

That curiosity to get to know her more was growing to enormous proportions, but I put up with it. Because she was contradictory with her messages, she told me she wanted to go, but when I invited her she discreetly avoided me. She would not speak to me in my presence either. Until one day, not being able to stand it any longer, I approached her and handed her a piece of paper with some words on it.

"Would you like to go out with me this weekend?"

She read the paper and threw it in the trash, said nothing to me, walked away, leaving me desolate.

That night my thoughts were devoted to her, I didn't sleep thinking I had done wrong and misread the signs.

Just at midnight, I got a message from her.

"I waited for that message for the rest of my life, of course, I will go with you anywhere"

Michelin Beltran was going to kill me with a heart attack. I remember thinking like a lover. She knew how to shake a person's mind.


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