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People ask me why I do what I do, if I'm out of my mind or if I need a good girlfriend to calm the masochism of my actions.

A journey, that's what running is all about. Imagine for a moment having no borders or barriers to go to, you just have to run and reach that goal. That's what I feel every time I cross the window of normal, I set a place and I run. I can't lie to you, of course, I feel alone and a failure. Running is the best thing I can do, it's the right decision I've made in my life. My personal decisions have been bad for the most part.

The first time I went running was with some co-workers Wolfang, John, and Sam, three athletes since they were teenagers. I agreed on a bet, if I could make it a 5 km round trip from the sports center to the airport, they would buy me a dinner that included bacon. I'm a bacon fanatic. Anyway, I barely made it to the 5km and arrived at the sports center lonely and almost dead. I didn't run again for two years until loneliness assaulted me.

Many love failures, many business failures, many financial problems drowned me. I decided to run, I wear worn-out shoes, old red shorts, and cotton flannel. To escape and move on the asphalt was the purpose, to escape from all those bad managements. And it was not so, the next day I returned to work and society. Even so, in the afternoons I would run and try to escape. I never managed to die on the road as I thought.

One journey, one destination, and my legs are all I need.

I hate the hills, I hate the sun and I hate the pain in my legs, but most of all I hate the pain in my heart. I think this question I'm asked: Why do I run? I would answer it that enigmatic. And if I were asked why I started running, I would say because of some bacon strips. People see me and ask me thousands of questions, they tell me a little bit of everything, what would be my limit, what if I don't have enough, what if I'm an alien or unnatural, what if I'm an alien or unnatural? I started with 2 km and I'm going for 21 km, maybe I'll reach 100 km and it's still not enough, maybe until I touch the sky with my feet. Besides, I'm not a superman, if they would take a look at the window they would glimpse the real superhumans. They ignore that world that hides in the footsteps, competitors who go to the Olympics and are surrounded by fame and requited loves, they can have both.

It's enough for me to run and see the sea or the mountains, to travel in a sea of sensations, the smell, the sound, and the panorama. There are no limits to where I can go.

And even if Ana, Sofia, Gabriela, or Bella afflict my past, there will remain the option of escaping through a journey that only we runners of my kind are determined to take. Will I be the only one who will do it to escape love? These are questions that if I were asked I could never answer, if someone did I would run away. When Ana broke up with me I ran 8km when I lost that hamburger business and discovered Sofia with someone else I ran 10km, and that time I got into a jealous rage over Gabriela and lost her I ran 15km, with Bella I ran 21km, no need to mention more.

Many questions are not asked, and if they were, I would not answer them either.

Some take a quick life and take their own life, others seek psychological help, some do yoga or read. I go out and run, I am abnormal, carrying a lot of pain and the resistance to keep going forward, wherever my legs take me. That's all I can tell you.


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