More Than Friends


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Miko was absolutely in love with Roberto Halls. She loved his singing voice, how he could go from high pitch to low pitch, his voice wavering like the ripples of water in a pound.

Miko was a bit more than a fangirl. She listened to his songs for hours on end, drew pictures of Roberto, and imagined meeting him in real life all the time.

She even blabbed off about him to her best friend, Shawn.

“Shawn, Roberto is absolutely a GOLDEN singer! You have to listen to his first song ever, even that one was a banger.”

Shawn clutched his backpack straps. “Miko, you talk about Roberto all the time. I’ve heard ALL his songs. His songs are good, but he’s not your whole life.”

“Alright, alright, I get what you’re saying, but dude, whenever I talk about Roberto, you spazz like crazy.”

“You talk about him ALL the time!” said Shawn. “It’s like you’re obsessed or something.”

“I AM obsessed!” Miko admitted. “He’s like, the older version of my true love!” Miko’s body went cold. She didn’t mean to say that out loud.

Shawn cringed. “Ugh. see you later, when you’ve come back to your senses.”

Oh, never mind him, thought Miko. She could love Roberto and his songs by herself.

But that day, she read the news and saw that the famous Roberto had come back from tour and was in HER city, which happened to be his hometown!” Miko just had to see him!

Miko had managed to get his address, and though it was a little desperate, one day she ran to his house. She just had to see him. She just had to meet her idol!

She knocked on the door of Roberto’s house, and Roberto himself opened the door.

“Oh my goodness it’s really you Roberto!” yelled Miko. She wished right then that she was his age so she could love him.

“I like all your songs!” she told him, “Can I come in!?”

“Well-” the singer started, but Miko had already walked in.

Miko looked around and instead of hearing his music blasting on some huge speakers with all his albums plastered on the wall, she found a small living room with tons of pictures on the wall.

The pictures were family pictures. Pictures of Roberto, his wife, and a little boy, who got older and older every picture.

The boy was Shawn.

“Wha-?” said Miko. “You- Roberto, the famous singer, are Shawn’s father?”

“Shawn? Yes. you know him!?” Roberto asked.

“Yes. he’s my best friend,” said Miko.

They both heard walking in the upstairs hall.

“Hey Dad, I need help with my trigonometry homework-” it was Shawn. He looked down the stairs to see Miko, staring back at him, with his father right behind her.

“Shawn, why didn’t you tell me your father was Roberto!?” Miko yelled.

But Shawn just ran back to his room.

“Shawn!” Miko followed him.

She tracked him down to a room at the end of the hall, where Shawn seemed to be quietly scribbling down on his homework at a desk.

“Shawn, why didn’t you tell me Roberto Halls was your father?” Miko asked again.

“Because then you’d gush over him like you’re doing right now!? You’re MY best friend Miko, not my father’s. But since my father’s some superstar I knew you’d pay more attention to him if I told you the truth. Our friendship would become one of those stupid movies where you have feelings for the father of the person who has feelings for you-”

Miko’s eyes widened.

Shawn looked down. “Nevermind. You can do what you want. I just didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to lose you as a friend.”

“Shawn,” Miko started. “You could never lose me as a friend.” She walked up to him, and put a soft warm hand over his. “We could only become more than friends. I’m sorry I kept talking to you about your Dad. How weird of me to gush about a grown man to my boy best friend.” said Miko.

Shawn looked up at Miko. “So… what are you saying?”

Miko smiled. “I’m saying, I like you back silly.”


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