Embrace What's Next!

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I don’t remember much from my birth, except that one minute, I was a beautiful, bright, and pink twinkling star, the next my whole vessel had exploded and I was a tiny baby crying because I had lost my comfy place in space.

Unlike my brother, I had actually liked being a star. I loved being imobile and staying in my comfy spot in the middle of space, planets and comets spinning around me.

When gravity eventually got the best of me and I exploded into a baby, I was devastated. While the core of my mighty existence stuck around as my soul, the rest of my massive body of gas and helium had turned into a huge, bluish-pink planetary nebula, a colorful, cloudy nurturing ground for new planets and stars. And my stupid, tiny baby self got to observe that cloudy mess as I floated away deeper into the abyss of space. I cried and cried but no one could hear me (if anyone was even around), and I felt so alone.

That’s when I floated towards this golden emission nebula. It contained clouds, lot’s and lot’s of white, puffy clouds, and these tiny white birds flew around the place.

The birds scared me. Why were their eyes that creepy, silky black color? And why were their beaks so sharp!?

“Ahh!” I yelled, but there was nowhere else to go. A mysterious force seemed to pull me to this golden nebula, and like the waves on earth, I got pulled involuntarily.

Suddenly, I was in front of a line of parents, all beautiful shades of black and all smiling. I knew what I had to do. I crawled to the parents who looked most interesting- a woman with a huge teeth gap and a man with kind, coffee brown eyes. And then the picture cracked and I was left in this golden utopia, storks clucking around me and the sky twinkling.

Eventually I heard a puff noise that got louder and louder, and I saw a creature a little older than me walk over.

He was big. Scary. I cried.

“Wow, Nana look! A baby!” he yelled and smiled at me. I was so confused I kept crying.

‘Nana,’ a taller, creature with lots of wrinkles came and looked at me. She kneeled down and picked me up.

Her arms were warm and kind. Her nearly black eyes were the same shade of brown as the man’s in the picture I had just crawled to. I quieted down.

“Aw. aren’t you just a sweet little thing,” said Nana. “How did you get here?”

Well- I was a star- then I exploded- and! I couldn’t say a thing! My baby body didn’t have any teeth, or training in talking either. As a star, you never had to talk, you just minded your own business, alone in a quiet, dark atmosphere.

“How do you think she got here?” the boy asked, jumping up and down to see me in Nana’s arms. She slowly kneeled to the ground and he leaned over her arm to see me.

“I reckon she got her the same way you did. She was a star, then she went supernova, and was supposed to choose her parents and begin her life as a human baby, and is waiting here the same way you are.”

“Why do you think we got stuck here instead of get sent to Earth Nana?”

Nana shrugged. “I can’t think of anything in particular being the reason. But, she’s here now, and if she’s my grandkid, I’m not leaving here behind. We’ll have to take care of her.”

I was going to have to stay here!? I cried my loudest this time.

Nana shook her head. “She’s mad. I can tell. She wanted to stay a star. She didn’t want to leave her cumfy space.”

I settled down once more. How had she known?

Nana shook her head. “I know it’s hard to get used to change, dear, but everything must change. That’s just how it is.”

The little boy looked down at me with a nice smile. “There, there, baby. It’s not so bad here. You’ll get used to it.”

That’s when I learned to be grateful for my big brother no matter how… ‘challenging’ it got to do so.

That brings me to now. I was sitting on a cloud with stork by my side, lost in thought.

Everything must change, Nana had said. Stars couldn’t be stars forever, eventually, they exploded and made way for new stars and planets. Just like people couldn’t live forever. Even Nana couldn’t have been human forever. She had lived her life out on Earth, and as me and my brother waited to start our lives, she waited to find out what was next for her.

I just needed to embrace what was next for me.

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