The Voice of the Town crier says the throne is mine

Nwafor wait! wait!! wait!!! what is it Nnahi? she asked

Can't you hear the royal drums beating?.

the village town crier is sending words of the royal Highness across the village, allow me to hear it, he said.

And not up to a minute , the drums continue beating again.

Coming closer to the house, the town crier started saying, the people of Ekpoma, "una weldone oooo,
tomorrow morning, the king required everybody's presence in his palace, "first thing in the morning please.

may GOD bless you as you come, he concluded.

Nwafor was in the kitchen cooking editan soup, he came out, and asked the husband,


what could be the reason of the king calling the villagers, when everyone is aware of how he treats the people when it comes to decision making?
How will I know, when I do not take part in village gathering and decision making process".
Nnahi, replied

In the morning, Nwafor wakes up early and went to the king palace, but the husband was not going anywhere
Nnahi, are you telling me that you have not still forgive yourself? Up till now?

I thought Everyone has forgiven you, for what you did, Nwafor said.
No, my dear wife, forgiveness should come from the king himself not the people, what if he Walks me out of his palace, he replied.

The wife left to the palace to hear what, the king have in mind to say. And she comes back.
Nnhai, she call, yes my wife, are you back?
What did the king say?

He told everyone that no one should associate with us, Nnhai i was totally disgrace in front of everybody. Hmmmm he humm, nodding his head, I told you that, the king do not want anything that is coming from me but you couldn't listen,
he said.

So so sorry, my dear, no matter what, he shouldn't have done that to you, it should have been me instead, I feel that everyone should have equals right, we are all human, Nnahi added.

Nnhai, they were calling me a thief, that we both are thiefs.
I replied, my Husband do not steal anything, and the king asked the guards to throw me out of his palace.

Nnahi let leave this village for them, she said.
No, over my dead body, this village was own by my forefather, he is the one who is a thief, for taking what is mind, he replied,

Nnnahi please don't go there, let there be peace, Nwafor replied.

Two weak has passed, Nnahi was feeling uneasy about what has been happening in his life and what he is going to do to stop the king from Humiliating him and his family.

Nnahi father was the king, so it was his place to be king but due to the fact that he was not feeling too well,

another person were asked to cover for him and performed the kingship duty till he is back, now Nnahi is back but the king representative refuses to handle over what belongs to him, he made himself a king, keep Malice with Nnahi, and keep on punishing all what he does, the king representative uses enchantment to rule the land of Ekpoma, inorder to make everyone in the village submit to him. Including Nnahi's family.

Very Early in the morning Nnahi wakes up, he began to pray,

Father Lord, you alone I served, you are the alpha and and Omega, let what belongs to me come to me and let it not be in chaos, but in peace and harmony, let the people see the truth in everything, and let your light alone shine in my life, Amen, He conclude.

Nwafor, wakes up and sees that the husband was not asleep, right next to her, she went out from the room. And see that the husband was out side praying to his GOD,

she stood still first until he had finished his prayer's,

Nnahi do not allow it to troubles you so much, remember we have lived like this for a longer time,

do away with that thought and let us continue with our life's, please, Nwafor said,
I have heard you my dear wife but it keeps on coming to my heart, it like a burden to me now, I have not felt this way before? Nnahi replied.

Let the Lord fight our battle, come let go inside, it is still 12 0'clock in the midnight, and you must be resting your head, the wife added.



Around 6 Am In the morning, the king sent his guards to have Nnnahi and his wife beating, they two guard knock on his door and which be opens,

they said, come out here now?
you this stubborn man, today, you will get it hot,

they drag Nnahi out side and began to lay a finger on him, He cried bitterly, that he had done nothing wrong, silently in his heart and not up to minutes, thunderstorm blows three times and a voice from it saying,
"do not touch my son", the two guard were dumd-founded, the run quickly to the palace and told the king what they encounter, as they were about dealing with Nnahi, they said,

whenever I tried to lay a finger on him, my hands will not move, but will stick in the air, likewise me my Lord, the same happens, my Lord, they must be something wrong about the way we treat that man.

Idiot! What are you saying? are you telling me what to do? Common!
leave my presence now? You two fools, that can not handle an old man for me, the king replied.

"I don't want to see him again, each time i see him, is like, he would come and take back the throne from me, what can I do next, he speaks silently in his heart",

Would it be good and well convincing if I bribe the Oracle to lie and have him beating by the villagers?

so that he would be highly Humiliated and not worthy of the throne? He asked himself.
Okay let me go ahead and make a plan, he concluded in his heart.

Then, in the night, he asked one of his servant to secretly go and place a black she goat in a hidden corner of Nnahi's compound,

Then, the servant went and did it and return successful,

my king I have done as you told, the servant said.

Come here my dear, you are blessed. The king replied.

First thing in the morning, the king asked that words be sent to the people's about his missing she goat, the oracle was present, and so was everyone.
Villagers were being assses through traditional method, if the goat his in your compund or if you have anything to do with it.

The incantation will show a red light and will be an indication that you are the one that stole it.

Nnahi could not stay away from the called this time, since it involves honesty and truth, because, if he does not present himself, People may assume, he is the one that stool it,

Immediately he arrived, the king said, everyone should stop, let Nnnahi go and proof himself, Nnahi could not say a thing, as the king asked, so you must do, he immediately went in and before he could performed the doctrine of proofing himself,



a voice came out from the sky and this time everyone witness it, "saying, why are you punishing my son? Is it not enough for you that you took his birth right? He is an innocent man, no one should do him harm".

Everyone were amazed,
seeing the gods spoke directly, for the sake of Nnahi, immediately, that Enchanted that the King used in ruling them did not have any effect on them anymore,

they could all see the truth, that the king took his place, which Nnahi should be made king, then used spell on them.

They were all kneeling down in front of Nnahi, they said forgive us, we knew nothing he used on us, the villagers said in one utterance.
I have no quarrels with all of you, you all are my people, Nnahi reply.

Please stand up, for today is a better day, Nnahi said.

As they carry him up, without his legs touching the ground, he was taken to his rightful place, "the palace" which was Nnahi's home.

The king and the lying Oracle were lock up, right there in the guards room.
Nnahi was made the King of Ekpoma land, they asked him what should be done to the poster king,
He said, release him, for it not of " A FORK IN THE ROAD", the truth wouldn't have come out.


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