The Inkwell writing prompt - Deterrent

Ever since Okon was a child, he always love eating and sleeping, his loved for food is more than his love for other things, after his secondary school, due to his father's sudden departure, he moved to the city and start his life.

He searched for a job and he was employed as a gatekeeper, their nature of job were on schedule, as he was not the only gatekeeper who guard Mr. Ogeli's compound,



But whenever Okon was on duty post, he always slept and would not pay attention to his work and who is horning at the gate, he used to sleep because he always eat too much, eating too much at times can as well make a man to be weak, and not active.

His Boss used to yell at him severally about his inactive ability as a gate keeper and why he should do everything to change it, but Okon always replied at him as if he is working towards making corrections pertaining his actions yet he would still not change.

One day, His Boss were coming back from work, he horn and horn and horn at the gate but Okon was sleeping, he could not hear what was happening again, his Boss stood for about one hour and thirty minutes knocking at the gate but he could not hear due to the fact that, he slept and put an earpiece inside his ear, according to him "he wanted to enjoyed his sleep very much" since he was highly loaded with consumbale items in his stomach.

It was not a laughing matter anymore, Mr. Ogeli became tired of Okon's attitude, he thought of what he could do that would serves as a deterrent to him so as to make him take his duty post and everything concerning his work seriously.

After a longer time, he wakes up and in his mind "Oga is taking too long today from work ooo" as he opened the gate, He saw Oga, sitting on the floor and was waiting for him, he shouted "Oga! oga!! when did you come back, and could not knock the gate for me to open?"

Mr. Ogeli look at him but was short of words, He said to him " Okon, why are you like this, what were you doing that you could not hear that i have been here for long?"

he replied.
Oga! Oga!! "i was observing my siesta"

At your duty post?, Okon who does that, are you playing here?, i wish my wife was at home, i wouldn't have been here waiting, i would have called her on phone to come open the gate for me, since you were observing your siesta, Okon you have done well, continue.

I am sorry sir.

Mr. Ogeli became very worrisome of Okon's attitude, he has to suspend his service till further noticed, Okon cried an beg him uncountably, that he would change, that if he throws him outside, he has no where else to go but Mr. Ogeli has already made up his mind.

It was after some months, that he began to gave it a second thought, he felt for him, he thinks of everything he said and how he beg him, and above all, he didn't missed to think of his welfare, how he might be doing in moment like this.

He has to Call him back, to resume his duty because despite Okon's negligence attitude, he was the best gatekeeper among others, he talked a lot, he knows how to make his Boss laugh, and above all he never get angry for once, he was always playful.

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