The Inkwell writing prompt : Christmas holiday

My elder brother could not allowed me to stay longer, I am more like a friend to him because I understand him more than anyone could, he told me to come early on this Christmas holidays that we all are meeting at home and we will be one big and a happy family, I was so happy to hear that from him and I said to him, "you never change a bit".



He laughed, me on the other hand, I can't wait to see him and all members of the family's, especially my friend Daniel, must have missed me so much, although we have talked two days ago and he told me about his plans on the Christmas holidays, he promised to buy me a Jacket Jeans, I guess he knows I love Jacket Jeans so much, Daniel is a memorable friends as he never seizes fire, he never for once forget about the things I admired and that is one of the reasons we will always be friends forever.

Me too, I am planing on giving him a gift which I have not told him about yet, I want mine to be a surprise and so that this Christmas holidays would be a memorable moments for him, and about my Mum, I am going to buy her a new wrapper this Christmas holidays, I want her to feel love and be proud of me.



And above all, I am also planning on taking my family to a beach, Where we will had a lot of fun and see different people from different part of the world, performing and showing their amazing talent, for my nephew I already had a present for him already because he is now the big man of the house, and If I should go without his present, hehehe... that means I do not want to enter the house, this holiday is gonna be the best holiday ever.

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