Inkwell writing prompt - Blossom

She walked so gentle, her step like a sunflower dazzle in the river, my attention got captured, i felt like my heart isn't my own anymore, my eyes wild open.



Her shape was so bold and Chubby, i could see all i have been looking for in her, it was on a Saturday night, the clubhouse was full of colour light, people dancing while some sitting, drinking and feeling the sound of the music.

I left my drink and walk towards Her, it was like a magnetic force that tends to draw me closer to her.

"My name is David" i said to her.

stretch forth my hands and she replied. "Jane, my name is Jane".

I was captured by her beauty, never did i know, Jane was accompanied by a friend, i ordered a juice for her and we talked for quite sometimes, after a along conversation, i saw a girl working towards her direction and whisper to her.

Th sound of the music was so loud in the house, i didn't know what she said to her, all i could see was that Jane have to get up immediately and follow her, i was so confused and heart broken, because i was beginning to fall for her, my heart started racing but i was unable to asked why she have to leave in such manners, even as the fun in the clubhouse was about to get started.

Exactly 9 o'clock i was tired and i decided to go home even if the fun was all i could asked for, my heart was captured, Jane took her leave and my heart away, starting from that moment i was uncomfortable in the clubhouse.

In the morning, on my way going to work, i saw a lady, who was about to bought a taxi as beautiful as Jane, i drove close to her, really it was Jane, just as i expected.

"Do you remember me?" i asked as nervous as i was, expecting a reply from her, while using my left hand to touch my chest.

she replied. "Yes, i remember you, you are the guy last night"

I looked at my time, it was almost 8:35 AM and i was late for work already, i brought out my card and i gave to her, told her to give me a call, anytime soon, that i would be expecting a call from her.

All my life, i have never admired someone in such a way before, it was so nice to see her and get to know her quite well, we fell in love and we had a serious relationship, i propose to Jane on her birthday and she accepted.

I would never forget, the way she walked so majestically and blossoms like a sunflower, she got me up on my knees.

she stretch forth her hand and said "I have already accepted you in my heart" i was so happy and i put her a golden ring.

We got married and we have been happy after.

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