A better me

He knew he was nothing compare to his classmates, he decided to hold on still and never to compare himself with anybody, he was always focus and Still believing for a great change in his studies.

since he was born, he has always been a dull brain, his parents and siblings knew him to be such but never a time did they make him feel sad of his abilities.



Their parents teaches them morales and how they should lived in peace and harmony as brothers and sisters, but one thing i love about Francis was that, he knew that he has a dull brain but he never stop making it better.

He devouted himself in studying, he refused going to the playground with friends and with his utmost devotion, as times goes on, he was improving, things started changing in his life, their class teacher and everyone in their class were surprised of Francis improvement in class, in taking questions with correct answers, everyone were surprised because it was not like him.

To them, it was a different Francis whose appears to be very intelligent, and not a dull brain because he could make a speech and even enlightened other students about some certain topics in the class.

His parents were so proud of him, to see a great change in his life and his studies, it was like a night mare, when the father asked him,

"how come he understanding things easily and not like before".

He replied,
"those days, i was living a borrowed life, where i would have to Look for almost everyone's attention, to get a particular subject straight".

So i have to beat up my chest that i would become a better me, it was so troublesome for me and how i have been living my life, my classmates were always ahead of me, while i was not going anywhere, i was ashame of myself and at times, it makes me to feel inferior, therefore, i asked our headmaster in school,

"what can i do to become better in reading and understanding"

He replied,
"the answer is just for me to read more and more, at least to read a page twice a day" this would help me in understanding more and i would always remember what has been taught in class".

I have to give it a try, when my friend's could go for break and play in their various playgrounds, i would go to the library and stick to the instructions as directed by our headmaster, before i knew it, i was able to comprehend more and more, my understanding of subject were coming in light manners, and not like before, after reading everything that i red would just go away, it was not the same anymore, i was beginning to remember few parts of the things i read.

since i knew i was improving, i decided to go in that direction, till the best part of me could come out, this make me to understand that, nobody has a dull brain, but it depends on how you trained yours and what you are able to visualize and believe you can do.

The Father was listening to Francis as he vibrate like a vibrant motivational speaker, he was WOW! he shake him and said to him "i am so so so happy for you my son" it was so hard for me each times, i think of your level of understanding and how you perceived.

It was not up to an hour, Francis brought out his first term result, present it to his father, the grade in his result were all made in excellence.

"Congratulations" the father said. With a smile on his face.

"Thank you Daddy" he replied.

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