The Ink Well Prompt #30: Learning A New Skill

It was a sunny afternoon, I can remember how the sun rays felt on my skin through the glass window, I was in the living room watching my favorite movie at that point. The name of the movie was the “Princess Diary”. It’s one of the most popular movies by Anne Hathaway.The movie had a scene where Anne Hathaway was preparing to go to school, she went outside and met her friend, whose name I can’t remember right now. They both hopped on their scooter and rode to school. The scooter caught my attention as I saw it as a cool means of transportation since I was bored of riding my usual bicycle. I told my dad about it and he bought it for me.


I had never rode a scooter before in my life, but I had a friend who once told me about having a scooter. I called him with the house phone and told him I had a scooter but couldn’t ride it. He agreed to teach me how to ride it, but we needed a place where there was no obstacles and had a very smooth path. There was a park close to his house which had a river by the side of the park. This was a cool area to learn how to ride a scooter but it gets a little crowded during the day because everybody wants to spend time at the park.

I’m a shy person while learning a new skill, so I suggested I learn how to ride the scooter in the midnight. This time it’s just me, my friend and my scooter. He agreed, we snuck out of the house in the midnight, went to the park and he taught me how to ride a scooter. Anytime I go to the park, I keep getting those memories, because that was one of the truest form of friendship memory I have received in my life. Especially learning a new skill and trusting your friend to teach you.

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