Tales Of The Crying Bush Baby

I sit and sometimes memories of my high school boarding days keep flashing. They bring back those feelings of horrors you try to hide because you don’t like the feeling. When I was about 10 years old, I was told about the scary tales that happen in boarding school. It’s every student’s prayer that their parents don’t decide to send them to the boarding school some day.


My Dad is a busy man who travels a lot for work, sometimes he is never at home, he usually get someone to stay with me through out the period of his travels. But he got fed up and decided to put me in the boarding school. Before attending the boarding school, I decided to listen to some of the the scariest Nigerian boarding school stories. The scariest Nigerian boarding school story I fear the most is the story of the bush baby. These are animals that are expected to look like babies and cry like babies. They have this captivating crying sound they make, to get the attention of their victims and draw them towards their side. These bush babies cry is sympathetic, very sympathetic and captivating, so you will have a need to go and check who left a baby crying. These creatures are fond of going to boarding schools because lots of innocent harmless kids are there. When these innocent kids try to go rescue the crying baby, they see an un usual scary creature. Normally your first instinct is to run but these babies have a supernatural power that automatically freezes your ability to run.

You find yourself trapped on a spot, you can’t run and you can’t shout, you are frozen at a spot. The bush baby slowly and quietly creeps up to you, and being small baby creature, it climbs your body from your leg to your shoulders, while your body shivers. You can feel every breath and touch but you can’t do anything about it because you are frozen. It comes to your ears and starts making a deep cracking sound that is extremely scary, and starts dripping saliva round your body.

The baby will then speak out in a human scary voice offering you a mat to keep. This Mat looks really shabby and unusual. It tells you that this Mat should be kept for 7 days in your possession and you can’t afford to lose it. If you are successful in keeping the mat, you will have abundant money, but if you are not successful, the baby will have to take you as its servant. While frozen and helpless your only option is to agree by nodding your head.

Well I never knew how true this story is, but when I got into the boarding I made sure I don’t go towards the direction of any baby cry, I didn’t care to know if it was an actual baby’s cry or a bush baby’s cry.

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