Take Your Chances When You Get The Opportunity

It was 6.am in the morning, my alarm went off, this is my usual morning exercise alarm. On the basis of the realization that we are getting older decided to take my health seriously by doing exercise. I feel better doing it in the morning because every one feels better doing exercise and when you feel good in the morning, your whole day tend to go great. I picked up my jogging shoes, wore them, picked up my Airpod and put them in my ear. I have a playlist that gets me motivated when exercising.

I love jogging from my house to the gym, this is done as a way of warming up before I get to the gym. It also helps save me some time so I can skip cardio and start the light heavy lifting at the gym. When I got to the gym, it was empty, not like the usual days where you see lots of people. I felt good because I don’t have to wait in line anymore to use some of the gym equipments. I felt like a 4 year old you just gave the key to the candy store. I could try every equipment without the need to wait in line, while trying one of the equipments, Jessica walked in. Who is Jessica? you may ask.


Jessica is a beautiful lady that works out in the same gym as I do, but I never got the chance to talk to her because she seemed really focused on her work outs. From my observation, Jessica should be a marketer at her place of work. This is because her over heard her telling the gym instructor while trying to schedule her gym time. Hello, I said, she smiled back and gave me the best “Hi” I have ever gotten. I smiled and blushed and hoped a situation comes by where Jessica and I would make a conversation. But then, typical Jessica looked so focus on her work out. I knew her name was Jessica but I didn’t want to come off weird, so I walked up to her and introduced myself. She introduced herself also and told me what she does for a living. Apparently she needed help with one of the gym equipments but didn’t know how to ask for help because she was used to asking the gym instructor for help. I was willing and happy to help Jessica out with her gym equipment problem. Mind you, no one has entered the gym yet so it’s just Jessica and I all this while.

While talking and working out, we found out we loved watching movies and there was a new movie that came out that week. Jessica was hoping she would watch it in the cinema and I had watched it. But because I had a crush on Jessica, I decided to lie, I told Jessica I would love to watch it also. But the movie was showing at 9:30 pm. I went home feeling happy and fulfilled for two reasons, I had done my morning exercise for the day and I have a date with Jessica. Although it was a friendly date, but it was still progress made because I collected her number.

Jessica hit me up at 3 pm and told me she will be done with the office by 5 p.m and she will meet me at the cinema by 9 pm. I offered to come pick her up but Jessica has her own car. I decided to get to the cinema before 9 pm so I can get tickets for the movie before they get sold out. On my way going to the cinema I encountered huge traffic, this was devastating because I finally got my chance to have a date with Jessica and it’s seeming impossible because I had spent 2 hours in traffic. Well the reason for the traffic was because there was unrest in the city that night. Apparently they had been a protest from the youths against police brutality in the country and decided to protest in the city.

Before knowing the cause for the traffic, I was extremely mad because I asked myself, why today? But after knowing the cause, I was proud of the youths for protesting. It was for a better cause. I called Jessica and rescheduled the date. Apparently she heard about the unrest in the city and have been trying to call me to tell me about it. I decided to look for the nearest exit turn and go back home. Jessica checked up on me through out my journey back home. I got home 10 pm and we spoke for 2 hours on the phone talking about police brutality and how it has affected every young person in the country one way or the other. I guess it all worked fine for Jessica and I at the end regardless.

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