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The Real Artist - The Ink Well Prompt #52

"Wake up." Kyra took off Rooney's sheet.

"Oh no! What is this?" Rooney asked, rubbing her eyes in a slightly irritated tone. Kyra took her hand and pulled her near her newly painted picture. She said, "Look at this, my painting is done."

"Oh, so you disturbed my sleep to show this.'

"Hey Rooney, just look at this painting and tell me what you think about it. If I don't get first prize for it, I'll be very disappointed."

Looking at the painting, Rooney mocks Kyra, saying, "Where do I start?" I told you a thousand times to write the name of the person whose picture you are drawing. There should be no misunderstanding. Otherwise, you will make a cow and I will take it for a dog. "Wow, Kyra is a great abstract artist!"

"So, can't you see this creation? Just look at it and try to decipher the hidden symbols."



Hey, what is this? In this, I can see roads, people, trains, buses, and houses all climbing on each other. It seems like everyone is trying to outdo each other. what have you painted? ,

Having said this, Rooney looked at Kyra and said, "Hey Kyra, whose picture is this?"

"You idiot. I've done some abstract art with symbols."

"Oh, to me, this image represents an "illusion," nothing else, see? I see a symbol of illusion in your mind. If a picture has no meaning, it means nothing to me "And Rooney went to the washroom. When she returned, she saw three or four children waiting for her at the door of her room. As soon as she saw them, she said, "Young guys, come in."

"Are these your pet monkeys?" Kyra laughed and said, "One day I will have to make a painting of your academy. I will show people that I had a friend who considered herself a social worker and educated the children of watchmen, helpers, and peons of our society.

"I don't know why you don't understand the purpose of my mission, Kyra." Rooney was getting a little serious now.

'Come on, let's make tea. We'll drink together.

"I have just received a letter from my father. My father has cleared my trip," Kyra said while drinking tea and reading the letter. As soon as my course is over here, I can go to the London School of Fine Arts. I knew my father would arrange my admission."

"Yes dear, you are a rich daughter of a rich father. Is it even possible to postpone your program? But to be honest, I find your whole art so pointless, I can't even explain it. What kind of artwork is this?"

"So you don't even consider me an artist?" Kyra laughed again.

There is nothing in your pictures that relates to real life. You don't care about humans, but you just play with colors and paintbrushes. No matter how good or fine your paintings are, if I have no idea about them, they are not important to me. You just keep looking for models for your painting. I would rather please people than drawing these lifeless pictures on paper. You have the power, you have the means. you have a lot of money. Why not try to help the poor live a better life? "Rooney was more skeptical now.

Hey Rooney, I've left that job for you for the welfare of the whole world! Kyra laughed out loud once again.

It rained heavily for three days. Every day the news of floods was appearing in the newspapers. The condition of the flood victims was deteriorating and it was raining constantly. Rooney spent the entire day collecting donations for the flood victims.

Kyra said, “Our exam dates are out, but you are not serious about your studies.” You are busy with your charitable work all the time. What would your parents think? You are wasting so much money for nothing.

Rooney replied, "A team of volunteers is going out this evening. We've got permission from the principal." I am going with them. She said this without listening to Kyra. Rooney left that evening, and when she returned after fifteen days, she looked sick. Kyra was not in the hostel because she had gone to see a senior artist at that time.

Meanwhile, Rooney bathed, ate, and checked out the new paintings Kyra had done in her absence. She had made three new paintings. The flood was the main theme in all three paintings. Rooney felt amazed by the scenes she was watching. Where did Kyra see them? How did she do this? Kyra had never done a real-life painting before!

She was particularly interested in a painting that displayed a dead man lying on the street, with a crying child of about 8 standing next to him. Then she looked at the man. She thought she had seen him before. And then she realized that the painting was that of a beggar who used to sit in front of their hostel with his 8-year-old son. She ran out of the room and saw that the boy was sitting there alone.

When Kyra returned in the evening, she saw Rooney sitting in their room, and she looked at her.

Rooney asked, "Did you finally decide to leave?"

"Yes, I will go home on Wednesday and leave India after a week." However, her voice was full of sadness.

"To be honest, Kyra, six years together I forgot that we would have to part ways at some point. If you're gone, how will I be without you?" Rooney was also sad.

Kyra had to leave today. Rooney was sobbing silently while fixing all her belongings. Then Kyra came in. "It's too late, isn't it? Kyra came to the hostel gate at 4.30 pm. But Rooney didn't come.

After reaching London, Kyra got busy with her work. Her passion for work made her shine as an artist. She had a gallery in partnership with a well-known artist. Her paintings are now selling like hotcakes. Her paintings were praised in the newspapers. Her most famous painting was that of a beggar and his son, which she did just before she left India.

Kyra was waiting in the Heathrow airport lounge. Her flight was due in two hours from now. In the last two years, Kyra had almost forgotten everything about her past. The first year she kept in touch with all of her friends at home, especially Rooney, but then everything slowly stopped.

She now remembers how well her paintings had done over the past two years, especially the one "The Boy" that won so many awards at various competitions. Suddenly, she thought of her friend Rooney. She was sure that she would be very happy to see her.

She was given a warm welcome at the airport. That morning, all the newspapers were full of articles about her artwork and her life. Her father was very proud of the success of his only daughter. Kyra inaugurated a huge gallery of paintings organized by the Delhi Artists Guild. A copy of her painting, "The Boy", was displayed in a prominent place in the gallery.

Suddenly, she saw Rooney in the crowd. She ran towards her, calling her name. Kyra forgot the crowd and hugged Rooney tightly.

Hey, when did you get interested in paintings, Rooney? ,

"I'm here to visit you, Kyra, and not a painter. But you have completely forgotten me."

"Hey, who's this boy?" Kyra was surprised to see a handsome boy holding Rooney's finger.

Meet my boy, Greg. Greg, this is Aunt Kyra. say hello to her."

"Aunt, can you please show me all your paintings?" The child requested. Kyra started showing him the paintings. While walking through the gallery, she caught sight of her famous painting "The Boy". Kyra said, "That's the painting, Rooney, that gave me so much fame, name and money."

Why is this boy crying? The boy asked, looking at the painting carefully.

His mother is probably dead.

"Is this a real boy, Aunt?" The boy's voice was getting hoarse.

"Yes, I made this painting after seeing a child in real life."

Meanwhile, Rooney's husband arrived. After a simple conversation, Rooney asked him to show the exhibit to the child. "I'll go home with Kyra."



They left the child with his father. Kyra liked the mannerisms of the boy, so she kept looking at him. As he disappeared out of sight, she asked, "Tell me the truth, Rooney. Who is this cute boy?"

"Mine, who else?" Rooney said with a laugh.

"Oh, tell me, is that all?"

After pausing for a moment, Rooney said, "Should I tell you the truth?" And then, placing her fingers on the child in that award-winning painting, she said, "This is that boy."

"What?" Kyra's eyes widened in surprise. She was absolutely speechless. Finally, she said, "You're the real artist, Rooney," and she hugged her tightly...

The Ink Well Prompt #52 Artist

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