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My First Love #Prompt59

It was the first day in my new office. I was a bit nervous as I thought I would have to prove myself and start from the beginning. I knew that moving ahead was only possible on the strength of my hard work and willingness to do my best.

I came out of my thoughts as the office boy came and said, "Sir, madam is calling you."

I knocked on the door of the office, "So Jack, welcome to this company. I hope a promising boy like you will move forward very soon. "

When I came out, saying thank you to her, I felt different energy. I had worked under a couple of bosses before, but this was my first lady boss, and she was so encouraging and lively.

I got involved in my work and then gradually got a place in the heart of the boss, apart from my work.

I knew she trusted me, so she had given me a big responsibility. I don't know how it happened, but working with her, when I came close to her I myself did not believe that I would fall in love with my boss.

I am not sure what was in her mind or how it happened, but she kept on talking and I would just keep looking at her. She was beautiful and almost my age.

I feel ashamed, but I admit that I used to go to her office even in her absence, and by touching things on her table or her chair, I felt as if I was touching her or felt her strong fragrance there.

Whenever I passed by her or I was close to her, that sweet smell would make me swoon. Many beautiful and colorful dreams were starting to grow in my mind. With the desire to stay close to her, I wanted to go back to the office even before I reached home. I used to look at myself in the mirror time and again and then thought, "Would she accept me?" I liked her... but I had no courage to propose to her.

The day I came to know that she had been transferred to another city, as a regional manager, I was hurt. I thought I should tell her now, or it would be too late.

When I went to his cabin, another fellow was there too. She asked me to come in, "Come on Jack, no one is a stranger here," and she introduced me to him, "Jack, this is Rocky. Remember, I always talked about my mentor and inspiration." Rockey is behind my success. Remember how you always wanted to meet him? I adore him and hope to marry him soon.

"Hey," she went on, "when are you going to introduce me to the girl you often praised and said you would tell me all about her?"

I was in a state of shock and turned pale. My heart was beating so fast because I felt she had a feeling for me, but that was not true. I was looking at the paperweight on the table in front of her when I heard her say,

"Oh, you got lost again somewhere... what's the matter, Jack? Are you fine? Sorry, but I could not tell you about my posting yesterday. I will miss you. I am not sure how I will manage without you. But let me assure you that it'd be hard to find a promising junior and colleague like you. I admire you a lot. You will go a long way in your career because I am impressed with your work in such a short time. If you don't believe me, then ask Rita."

Rita was her secretary. Rita smiled, who was sitting on her desk, "That's right Jack, Ma'am always praised your work and dedication and said you would reach the top in no time."

She kept on speaking, but I listened only half of what she was saying, trying to hold my tears somehow. I was like, "to the top?" I was feeling like I had fallen from the third floor of our office.

I wished them both the best and came out of her cabin. The truth is that she always encouraged me and talked to me about my work and career. It was probably me who misunderstood her encouragement as a sign of her love. I was attracted to her and started looking at her from the wrong point of view. She was such a simple and pure-hearted girl that she did not even feel my intention.



She was appreciating my skills with kind words in front of her fiancée. And Rockey was equally as good as her, encouraging me without any problem. This was a really lovely couple. They were truly made for each other!

I had fallen deeply in love with her now, but in this love, there was no physical attraction. This was pure love. There was respect, affection, and blessings for her... I was proud of this pure love. Now I am also proud of my choice. When all the bitterness in my mind was gone, everything looked crystal clear.

I wanted to dance. I wanted to sing. You gave me life. Without your love, the fragrance of your breath was like the air of spluttering whispering in my ears. Your voice will always bring back the blossom in my life. My first love may have been a dream, but it was beautiful!

Prompt "Blossom"

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