Hey Roney, They're Here- The Ink Well Prompt #51

I was in my sleep when I heard my wife calling me, “Hey Ronnie, wake up. Your guests are here! “ I woke up and looked at my wife, a little surprised, questions in my eyes!

“Guests, were we expecting any guests?”

My wife was no less surprised and said, “Not that I remember you mentioning, but we have two of them in the sitting room and they don’t look like normal people. And yes, they said, you have invited them.“

Let me introduce myself. I’m Ronnie Ray, and I’m constantly looking at outer space for signs that it might have aliens or that we might have some guests from the other side of space. For this, I have installed dozens of powerful telescopes, radars, transmitters, and radio telescopes in my laboratory at my home.

I went into the sitting room and saw two of them sitting with their legs stretched out, their heads covered, and each of them with a cylinder on their back. One of them gave me a pair of headphones so I could understand their language. There was one similar one on my wife’s head and ears.

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I have been working on this theory for the past several years. So when I saw a small glow in one of my binoculars and heard some sounds, I didn’t know if they would answer my calls. It was like we had two of those alien guests who had finally come from another corner of space to our house. I was not expecting them, so I was shocked and confused to see these guests. They were greeting me strangely, and I liked that.

One astronaut, who said his name was Debbie, told us they had come from another intelligent civilization to our solar system. And, he said that more guests might come in near future.

I was thrilled. I asked, “Will you guys eat something?”

“What do you have? We eat all that you can offer us to eat.“

We offered them a freshly made breakfast, and it disappeared immediately. When we calculated, we found that this happened at a speed of 90 thousand kilometers per hour. The aliens, Debbie and Bega, wanted more, so my wife brought more, which met the same fate.

The first day passed happily. The second day was a little tiresome, and the third was a burden.

On the fourth day of your arrival, my dear guests, this question came to my mind, “When will you go, my guest? When will you leave the house, my guests?“

You’re sitting right in front of the same sofa with your legs stretched out, the same way as on the day when you arrived. But now that you’re here, can’t you see that there is a calendar whose fluttering dates I am showing you daily and changing its pages right in front of you? Can’t you see the efforts that I put in when changing the date?

It’s the fourth day of our hospitality, but you don’t seem likely to leave. Don’t you know that even the astronauts did not stay on the moon after travelling millions of miles, as much as you have stayed in my house? Those astronauts did not dig as much soil from the moon as you have dug from my garden. Don’t you miss your home? Don’t you recall that you have your own home?

My wallet is shivering and trembling since you eat a lot and I have limited means. I still wake up smiling and hugging you. My wife greets you. Breakfast and lunch take half our time, and the other half goes into preparing your dinner. We offer salad, cutting various veggies for you, making and ordering various foods of your choice that we don’t even eat. Each night, we sincerely hope that the next day you will sit in your spacecraft with a nice experience and impression of our hospitality.

But today is the fourth day, and here you are. Last night we made iron pasta for you on demand. But you are still here. The situation has reached that we’re fasting today, and you’re still here. We did not know when you arrived that your presence would stretch like rubber.

And this fourth day looks like the most treacherous, as you came to us and said, “Arrange our clothes for the laundry.” Does it mean that you will not go until you get your clothes washed? Now, this was no less than a trauma, an unexpected one. For the first time, I learned a guest is not always welcome. He can be a human or sometimes even a demon, but you two are neither of them. You are aliens.

Now I am watching my wife’s eyes widen. You probably don’t know that when my wife’s eyes get widened, my heart gets narrow.

Now that your clothes have already got washed twice, you’re still here. The bedsheets got changed twice, and you’re still here. Now there is no more laughter heard in this room. We are short on words. There is nothing much left for discussion. We have had all the discussions about family, children, jobs, politics, and what you have in this universe, but you’re still here.



We have talked about kinship, friends, films that you have never watched, and literature that you know nothing about. We even mentioned the old sweethearts, so I guess all subjects are over. My love for you is turning into hate. I am not sure what else I could do for you.

Today my wife asked, “How long will they stay?” I shrugged my shoulders. When she asks these questions, I have no answer. When I ask the same, she keeps quiet.

I know you like my house. Everyone likes to be in the houses of others. But let me tell you, your home is beautiful, and as they say, “Home Sweet Home.” So, I suggest you my guests, “You should return to your homes.”

Tomorrow’s sun will be the fifth sun since your arrival. And that would be the last morning of our capacity for tolerance power. After that, I will take action. You’re our guest, but I am a human, not from outer space like you. So please be merciful to us, show your support, and return home.

I know it’s not possible in our solar system because we have seen nothing moving in the opposite direction from the sun. Because nothing coming into the solar system goes in the opposite direction into orbit until forced. We hope you will not force us to force you out of our home, which is against the set norms of decency.

“Oh, my, when will you leave my dear guests? Go, my friends, go!”

“Look, I don’t want to say, “Get out of my house, you have left nothing to eat, not even wooden logs.”

The Ink Well Prompt #51 "They're here"

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