William An Artist: The Ink Well Prompt #52

There was a rich man in Madinomia. The name of this man was Smith. And he has ventured into the following businesses: Banks, universities, aviation, and so on. He had one child whose name is William.

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The rich man intention was to send William his only child to the university to study medicine so he can become a doctor in the future. The purpose of this study was to be the head medical team of his company.

Of which, William has enjoyed music as a career when he was still a kid that one day he will be a great musician because he knows how to compose songs and whenever he was on stage, things easier for him than any other things.

After William finished his secondary school, Mr Smith his father processed admission for William to enter Tertiary institutions and he was admitted into one of the universities to study medicine.

Meanwhile, when he was in school during the lectures hours his mind will not be in the classroom and his mind was always at how to compose delicious songs that will be acceptable to everyone and when it is time to check their performance before another semester. He only got advised to withdraw because he has scored below the expected grade.

He likes to be at shows where he can showcase his talent as a musician. The news reached his father Mr Smith about his poor performance in school that the only thing he enjoyed most is to go to the show and sing there.

Mr Smith was furious...

He called William, Willi! Willie!! Willie! Is this how you want to waste your time? You that I nurture with good wealth and you plan to disgrace me before my friends and Associates.

God will not allow you. My son will become a beggar when I worked for you and the only thing I want from you is that the course that I asked you to go and study, you do very well there and leave the rest for me. I will make sure that you are on top of the world.

William said, Daddy, I am always proud of you. It is my joy to have you as my father, but I love music as a career and it will be my pleasure to support me.

Mr Smith said, no way, I know what to do.

Mr Smith decided not to send money to him again maybe if hungry catch up with him, he will change his mind and do my wish.

That was how he stopped sending money to him for the food and pocket money. But William did not bother because his fans were taking care of him by giving him money as a way to encourage him to do more. To the extent that he had stopped going home, he decided to mingle with his friends and fans.

Thereafter, William set up a standard band from his friends and he started to play both on-campus and off-campus from there, things have changed for him because people are paying for the service being rendered by him.

But for him to concentrate, he has to drop the medicine course his father imposes on him and face a music career.

One day, William sat down under the tree and was meditating on how to do the music that will be unique in the presence of dignitaries in the society. He decided to study music and art at the same University then processed admission and he was admitted to study music as a course.

After a couple of years, he finished his university education and faced the reality of life. Although, He was ready to face anything because he has determined that this is what I want to do.

He was playing on the stage one day, and there was a man whose name was "Mr Bright" who was among those people who were invited. He observed that if he has great talent and if he invests in him, it will be a good idea. Mr Bright asked William to see him in the office so to discuss how to help his musical career.

Mr Bright signed William also known as "Willi Band" and he was able to record a hit song that was accepted both home and abroad.

However, William has become a famous and great musician throughout the world. He has won several awards outside the country and acquired a lot of properties and also invested in other businesses to the extent that he had money more than his biological father.

Mr Smith heard about William's achievements and he was eager to see him again because things are not rosy the way it was and William was his only child. Mr Smith said I have to look for him to forgive me because I have wronged him.

Mr Smith decided to check on William at home. He has instructed his driver Bubby to locate his home and he was able to get it.

The following day at the William resident. William was sitting in the banquet hall planning with his crew members on the forthcoming event that they are going to sing. Mr Smith and his driver Bubby pressed the bell at the gate and the security guard asked what they want, but Mr Smith said that we are looking for William. The guard asked again, is it, the manager you are looking for? Because if you want to book for the show it is the manager you will discuss with. But Mr Smith said no, it is William I want to see. Please I beg you in the name of God, let me see him.

The security guard said, who are you to him? Mr Smith said that just tell William that his father is here to see him.

The guard was surprised...

The security said people have started to claim what is not their own. Please just leave this place, is like you are to play a prank on me. They were on this matter, William was told by one of his staff that when he was passing in the compound something is going on at the gate and I will suggest if we can suspend this meeting and check what is going on there.

William said, are you sure what you are saying? Yes, I am very sure. That was how they moved toward the gate to check out what is happening.

But on getting there, he saw Mr Smith his father. He was surprised to see him and he gave instructions to allow them in. And when Mr Smith saw what God has done in William's life he busted into tears that William, I am here for the forgiveness and you have to forgive me. Please I was selfish and I did not allow you to do your wish. I now understand that "it is possible to force the horse to the stream and it is not possible to force the horse to drink water". Please forgive me, my son. It was my selfish interest that made me behave that way.

William said it is alright dad. As for me, I don't have any grudge against you because God has answered my prayers so who am I not to forgive you. Am I God? No, so far that we are a sinner and God forgives our trespasses. Daddy, I have to forgive you. Both of them embrace each other.

      The End

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