Unwise investment


Today, I wish to share with you a story that I titled "unwise investment"
There are two friends in Amuloko town, Janet and Joy. But of them are closed to the extent that they used to confide in each other if they want to do anything. One day, they applied for a loan to start a business venture from the financial institution with the hope to repay it from the proceed of sales of the business. The Bank asked them to summit in their business proposal to enable financial institutions to do the business appraiser whether the intending business is worth what one can finance. That is, to know the viability of the business. Only Janet present the document which contains a business proposal with the hope that both of them will venture into the same business since they are closed, friends. Fortunately for them, financial institution approved their request and grant them a huge amount of money to start a business. But after they have succeeded secured a loan, Joy had changed of mind towards the money and she decided to use part of the money to invest in the burial of her father with the hope those people who will be invited are going to drop an envelope that contains money. She plans to hire a live band that will sing during the programme and she is going to dance to the music through the dance steps people who are going to be there will give her cash. Janet said you were talking about merriment is that so? She said yes 👍. But you have to think about it before you can conclude this plan because this is a bank loan is not our money which can be spent anyhow. Joy said don't worry about it, am going to make huge profits from it. Even I will repay my part of the money before the due date and the remaining one will be used to start a business venture trust me. Of which it was house document which belongs to Joy and the house is the place where her family are living. Now, it has been used to secure the loan, if they fail to meet up it will be used by the bank as an alternative. That is, the bank will seize the house if they can not pay it back. Joy continued with the plan, she invited dignitaries to the occasion, hire a live band that will sing and she will dance to the music 🎶, and all other arrangements were put in place. During the funeral programme, some of the guests dropped an envelope that contains cash while some made pledges to give her a huge amount of money towards the funeral ceremony just like the way politicians used to do. And after the funeral ceremony, she was expecting money 💲 to come from those people who have pledged during the programme but no one fulfils the promise. She later visited them at their various offices as a reminder but they were just telling her that don't worry, we will do it just keep on reminding us. Meanwhile, the money she realised during the ceremony was not half of the money being spent on the preparation of the funeral ceremony. It is time for Janet and Joy to start paying back the money 💲 as it was stated in the document that all parties involved sign in the banking hall. The bank sent reminder messages to them in respect of the loan being granted to them a couple of months ago but what they were able to get it was not up to the expected amount of money 💲 so they could not pay because only Janet's invested in the right direction and she was able to get part of the money remain Joy to drop her own money but nothing to show for it. The management of the bank had a meeting concerning the matter after all means which they could use to get the money back proved abortive, management decided to seize the property which they used to secure the credit facility from the bank. Don't forget that the property in question belong to Joy and it is the place where Joy and her family are living. Joy confides in Janet to go and plead with the management if they can pardon them of the money, but Janet said I warned you Joy about it and all what you were saying is that don't worry! Don't worry!! Now, this is the time both of us are worried about your property and to me, I don't believe that management will listen to us because this is the issue of money 💲 we are talking about they will collect their money so you have to face the consequences. Investment in the funeral ceremony is a bad investment that one should desist from. That is what I can say.
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