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Wanted! Wanted!! Wanted!!!
What this is all about Mr Smith? Yes, in our political party, we want people of good character. I mean, the people that not tainted with the corruption who will be ready to do what we want is the person we are looking for. Mr Smith, can you tell your motive behind this? Thank you, he responded that no one can challenge the incumbent governor in our party. The reason is that many of us have spoilt things while we were on the seat, the way we ruled government then is as if we won't leave that position again. At least if we can manage to get there now, things will change for us. It is good to be in power because all we have looted at that time were nowhere to be found again in terms of money and properties. Therefore, we need a new face to present as our candidate during the forthcoming election.

There was a man in the town and he used to care for the people, life and property to the extent that he cherished doing things that will benefit everyone in the town but the present government did not allow him to do the access road to make life better for his people because that is the only way he can give back to the community where his company is situated as a corporate social responsibility. The only option he had was if he wishes to construct a road he must say that it is a government doing it not for him. He said that so what you are supposed to do and you failed to do it, another person is deemed fit to do it and the credit will still go back to you as if you were the one doing it. He said no, I can't do it. He back off.

During the Alliance Political Party (APP) convention in the state, the board of trustees had a meeting to choose who will be their candidate in the forthcoming election but it was concluded to invite Mr Jude also known as "The people choice" to the party and ask him that he is the one we have chosen to be our candidate for the next State Governorship election because people like him and through him, we will get back to the seat. Or better still, we can tell him that we want him to contest for the governor since he likes to do things for the benefit of all but we can still have our hidden card to play and use his money to finance another candidate. And if he wins the election, the party still have the power to control him to do what we want him to do. We will just put him there as a figurehead.

However, he was summoned to the meeting and they told him that he had been chosen by the party to be their governor aspirant but he asked about the primary election that how am I going to win that one? He was told that he should not worry about it, the party will know what to do about it. The only thing they want from him is a YES or NO answer, but he said YES for the answer. Everyone cheers up euphoria to his response that this is our man. Meanwhile, when he got home, he notified his wife Mrs Juliet concerning the new development and her opinion about it, initially she was excited and felt with joy that I will become the First Lady. But later, she said that come to think of it, don't you think a huge amount of money is involved? Mr Jude said I know that it involves exorbitant money but you will be the First Lady while I will be the state GOVERNOR. Mrs Juliet Jude said is okay with me, whatever you want me to do I will do it because I have to support you.

The process of registration begins to be the bonafide member of the Alliance Political Party (APP). They have started a campaign rally from house to house and office to office to canvas people to cast their votes for Mr Jude. Of which he has built his name for a long time while he was doing things that will benefit the masses. After the said and done, Mr Jude won the election because people believe that he is going to fulfil his promises which he had been vowed to do if they vote for him.

Mr Jude was sworn in as it was mandated by the Constitution. He has started going to the office to do the Constitutional right as the Elected Governor. He went around the villages, towns, cities to know where to start work and which ones are the most important things to start with. He noticed that the road network is terrible and the conditions of classrooms had dilapidated and it required urgent attention.

The executive Governor called for a meeting to deliberate with his cabinet and party executives on the way forward and hear their points of view. Mr Smith was a party chairman and he said that Mr Governor is too early, you have to follow our instructions before anything. Mr Jude responded that because of that I called this meeting so that we rub minds together for the betterment of the populace. These people are expecting what am going to do as a sitting governor and I have to fulfil the promise which we have pledged to do during the campaign rally. Or are will not plan to do it? Mr Smith said eh! Look here, it is not everything we would do because it is a business. We have invested our resources in this and we have to recover our money first. His Excellency said that l know that you have done a lot during the campaign and you must gain. I have a plan for everyone so that you will not be disappointed, but we have to do the needful things, my chairman. I promise you that it would not affect each other. Mr Smith said that okay if you say so.

Now to the business, My chairman I have observed some road networks and classrooms have dilapidated to the extent they can affect pupils who are learning inside it, thereby if such a thing can happen, it will tarnish government image and I don't want anything happens to anyone. I will ask contractors to send their proposals for the proper evaluation and award the contract to the qualified ones among them.

All the contractors have submitted their proposals and the qualified ones had been selected to do the job. Nevertheless, unknown to Mr Jude ( The Governor) that many of these companies are owned by chairman and party members and they were starting to show their true colours as corrupt people who have missions to disorganise the government and put the name of Mr Jude his Excellency into the mud. Some of them executed the project but do not do it the way it was stated in the plan because they used low-quality materials to construct the building, some collect the money and spent it on merriment, and some collected the money but they could not do half of the project before they ran away.

On the one faithful day, Mr Jude decided to tour all these sites without the consent of contractors to check whether they have done the job or not, but to his surprise, some didn't do anything on the site while some did part of the project and ran away, some used low-quality materials. He decided to inform the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to carry out their investigation on the projects to find out those who were behind its mismanagement of funds and bring them to book for the necessary action.

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) sent an invitation to all the contractors, some honour the invitation and showed up, some did not see it as a serious thing and ignored it, they were just saying that it is our mandate nothing will happen. Later, Mr Governor gave the order to apprehend them and bring them to book. All of them were arrested and it was discovered by the Governor that it is those that put him on the seat are behind it, but he asked the law to take its cause.

Mr Jude said, ah! People are wicked after all have done for everyone and they still have got to do this for me. The monthly money for the security vote meant for Mr Governor, I allowed the party to share it among themselves to make them happy and recover the money spent on the election. And I also fixed them into various positions to enable them to run the government together with me. There is nothing they asked me which I did not do for them. But why?

Mr Governor was sitting alone in his office thinking about what to do with them so that they will not spoil the name which he had built over the years. State Secretary to the government (SSG) entered the office accompanied by some elders and they were there to plead for their members of the party that is in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for their release because if he refuses to release them, his life may be in danger and is as if Mr Governor digging his grave.

Therefore, when you were called to the politics so you don't know that something like that will happen. All those people are political Godfather, they can plot a move to impeach you because they are the ones who dominated the state assembly despite the fact that what you are doing is right. And they can ask you to do anything and you must do it or else you will be in trouble. Is either you join them or beat them. My advice to you is that if you want to stay clean, you will not join politics because those who you trust will be doing funny things to distract your attention from a good thing you may want to do. Mr Jude said what can I do to enable me to succeed oh my God? I am in the midst of cruel people who don't want my government to lay down a good foundation for the incoming Governor. What do I do now?

                   The End

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