The love at first sight: The ink well Prompt #52

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Eh! Jude wait, you are the one I was looking for. Looking for me? but why? I want you and I to go somewhere, is like I don't want to go alone. Friend, if I can ask, what is your mission to where you want me to accompany you to? Yes, I was invited to the occasion and as you can see that I am a shy person and to go to where the dignitaries are will not be fine for me. So, if you are there with me, I will feel at home. Peter okay, no problem. I will reschedule my itinerary to enable me to follow you there.

"On the day of the occasion"

Peter and Jude his friend set for the aforementioned programme as discussed by both of them. When they got there, there was a lady who ushered them into the podium. The Lady was so pretty to the extent that no one will see her and will not appreciate the work of God in her life. Immediately Peter spotted her, he was shaking. He said, wow! Look at the beautiful Lady. Is as if I didn't see a lady in my entire life. Jude, can you see what I am seeing.

"Jude cuts in"...

Wonder shall never end, look at the person that is talking. You are just talking as if you know how to woo a lady. The only mouth you get but no action.

"Peter said"

This is not an issue of getting a mouth or not, I want you to help me out.

"Jude was furious"

So, you like a good thing but you don't know how to approach it. That is your problem. The only thing I can do for you is I can find where you can see her again after today, and talk to her because this place is not conducive for you to talk to her. She may not give you attention due to what she is doing right now.

"Peter said "

Oh! No, I want you to help me out talk to her. You know that you are good at it, you have many girlfriends. You with your sweet mouth. I know that you can convince her to accept my offer.

"Jude nodded"

Ah! so, if I help you to talk to her now and when it is time for the adults to play I will be the one who would do it. Please if you can not face her, forget everything about her.

He decided to locate a particular place where he can see her again.

On the one faithful day, Peter was at the supermarket trying to get wines and the eye he will raise, he saw his old friend who went to the same elementary school with him and the lady in question was flanked by him, but he was trying to compose himself so to enable him to greet the guy politely. When they were exchanged greeting, he just seized the opportunity to ask the name of the girl and she answered him that I am Rose by name.

He still presses further, it seems we have seen each other somewhere? But the lady said I don't know. I used to come across different people every day because of the nature of my job.

"Peter cuts in"

If I may ask, what is the nature of your job precisely?

"She was glad to answer"

She said that I am working with the country kitchen fast food down the road as a waitress. Will you come and taste our food? We have continental foods both home and abroad so do come to enjoy our meal.

"Peter was excited to know the place where he can locate her"

He said yes, I will be coming often and often to have my lunch at your place.

Roseline said, okay, I will be expecting you.

"They departed*

That was how he started going there to eat and Roseline used to serve him food. However, before he will leave there Peter used to give cash as a thank you for the service.

" Yet, he can not express himself that Rose I want this and that to happen between us".

Peter the shy man, started sending a gift and flowers to Rose through an unknown person without tagging his name on it. Rose always wanted to meet with the person who used to send her gifts and other items so that she can express gratitude for it, by saying thank you.

Meanwhile, she was thinking about her colleagues that are working at the same place as her that it can be one of them. She started to challenge them one after the other but they denied that they are not the ones who sent those items to her.

However, Peter still coming to eat as usual. When he was eating the food, one guy came to eat at the same place but due to the nature of work that Roseline was doing as a waitress and she has to serve visitors food and other things they request but when she was doing it. This guy just started to harass her by touching her body and trying to do a funny thing with her and Peter was there watching and the guy did not stop.

"Peter was furious"

Immediately, Peter stood up and walk towards him can you see that you are doing nonsense with my wife? The guy started stammering that I did not know that she is your wife and I would not have touched her. I am just playing with her and I did not mean anything. I am very sorry.

Roseline looks at him with a strange look. And she worked away from the scene.

But when Peter was about to leave the place, the guy that he used to deliver the message to Roseline on his behalf entered there and started appreciating what Peter has done for him by saying you for the money Sir.

"Roseline was looking at the boy from far away".

Roseline said it makes sense now. Today I must know where all the gifts are coming from.

She has gone to hide at the corner where Peter used to pass through to his home. When he got to the spot, she stopped him and started playing pranks on him what was the meaning of what you were saying the other time? Are you my husband as you claimed?

That was how Peter started talking to Rose about his intention towards her that he had admired her since the day she ushers him and his friend Jude at the one merriment. Please, don't be annoyed at me for not being able to express myself to you. What happens is that I didn't woo any lady before and I don't know what you are going to say if I made a move. I like you and what you and I to become one.

What do you think?

"She said hmmm"

So, you were the one that sent gifts to me all this while.

Peter responded in a silent voice that I am the one. Please, I am very sorry.

Okay, I heard you but you have to give me some time to think about it.

That was how they started their love affair.

           The End

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