The Diligent: The ink well prompt 50

There was a family which comprised of a Father, a Mother, and two children. The first child's name was Johnson and the second child's name was Joel, both of them were growing together day by day. One day, their parent's decision to visit a "fortune teller" to know among their children who has the destiny to be rich in future so to enable them to care for him. But on getting there, they were told that the younger brother has a great Destiny and his future is going to be fine while that of the Elder brother, is Johnson did not choose greatness and to be fed, he has to depend on his younger brother and he can not succeed in life. The only thing God destined for him is long life. These parents left the fortune teller's house and returned to their home.


On getting to their home, the father discussed with their mother the revelation which fortune-teller told them to enable them to take care of their brother very well because of their old age so that he will be able to care for them when they don't have the power to work again. The mother said that okay, but we should not stop caring for Johnson as well. Eh, madam, you should not dictate for me, as far as I am concerned, I am still the head of the family.

These parents started taking care of Joel alone and left Johnson the elder brother. One day, Johnson called his parents and confided in them what he observed that they were doing for his young brother and asked why they were doing this for only him, and they did not bother to care for him again. Johnson asked these parents maybe they are not his biological parents so to enable him to know his stand. But the Father said, what is your problem? Are we not giving you food to eat. Why all these questions? See, Joel is your brother and all of us must take care of him because he is our baby of the house. Please don't call us and talk to us in this manner like this one again. All this while, did you know any other parents apart from us sitting beside you? So be careful. They left him on the seat and went on their way.

Later, their parents sent Joel the young brother to private school and enrolled Johnson the elder brother in public school but later on, he was told to step down for Joel so to enable them to pay his tuition fees. And they did not bother to ask him to learn a particular trade. He was just neglected.

One day, he sat down alone in the living room and thought about how to succeed in life, because his parents did not care for him anymore, and he decided to move out of the house and reside with one of his friends which they called "Suraj". The parents did not worry about it, but he said, that means I wasn't welcome in the house before. But why this happened to me? Suraj his friend consoled him that he should not think about it anymore and he should remain focused on way out, but Suraj advised him that he can still make it if he can engage himself in a rough job that people are doing outside there for their day-to-day survival. Johnson said that I am ready to do it so far I will earn money from it even if it is a labourer work is okay by me. He started to hustle and bustle to make money for himself as a teenager. He started helping people carry their loads for them at the market, go out to do labourer jobs and started to have saved some money to start Petty businesses. When people observed that he had business ideas and he knows how to turn $5 to $20 in business, they approached him to invest in his business and the profit should be shared at a ratio of 2:1. He said that their decision is okay with him, what capital is to be used? Don't worry about it, we have idle funds, we just want to keep it in saved hands where nothing will happen to it. That was how Johnson started making money from petty trade to big businesses. From there, he was able to save some money to open another branch of his business in another town. He was able to acquire landed property and started developing it gradually. Later, he finished the construction of the building and moved from his friend place to his house.

However, his friend Suraj called him that you can still go to school and have a certificate, it will not affect your business since you have people who are working for you. Johnson said, are you sure? Yes, I mean it. Alright, I will take a step.
Johnson enquire about the prerequisite for enrollment to the school and the cost of money to enable him to do the necessary things. He was later admitted into the school, and he started learning and working at the same time. After some years, he finished tertiary institutions with good grades. Don't forget that his parents did not look after him at all, they did not know-how is living and the place where they can locate him.
One day, Action Democratic Party (ADP) need someone who has business ideas and he/she must be able to transform the economy of the State positively for the betterment of all. But with the way Johnson used to run his business made the party members nominate him for the position of commissioner of commerce and trade in the state. From there, many people far and near know the good work which Johnson is doing in State because he has changed the looks of the State economy to the extent that Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) has improved tremendously.

Joel the younger brother of Mr Johnson has not achieved anything because he still living with his parents and they are the ones feeding and clothing him. His parents sent him to school to study but he joined cultist groups on campus and he was later expelled from school. Mr Johnson's father heard about the current status of his son in the State and discussed it with his wife. The mother said, what do we do now? Because we have offended this boy, look at Joel we were told that he is going to be great in life, is there useless and we are the ones that still taking care of him. We don't know that Johnson will become somebody in life. Johnson's father said, let us go and meet him at least we are still his parents. But Mother said No, as for me I can't face him because what we were supposed to do for him we did not do it. We have sifted our attention on Joel and left him to take care of himself at a tender age. The father said, okay, what do we do? We are at our old age now which we are supposed to rest and enjoy the fruits of our labour on these children. Look here my wife, we will put that one aside and visit him in the city. The mother said, No, are you not ashamed. The person we neglected for so many years and we will now put on our clothes and go there, like what? I have an idea, we should inform our Pastor in the church. Pastor Richard to help us in this matter. The father said, alright, whatever you say is fine.

The following day, both of them went to Pastor's house and narrated the whole story about how things started and they told him that they want him to help them out in this matter. But Pastor Richard said, let us pray. Everlasting Father, these people are your children and they have come to you to lead them in your direction and at the end, let your name be glorified. In Jesus Christ name we pray. All of them said, Amen. Pastor Richard said, don't worry. God will take control of everything. We will go and meet him together in the City.

Nevertheless, Mr Johnson's parents and Pastor Richard went to meet him in the city. When they got there, the Pastor told them they should wait outside for him. When it is time, I will call you to enter because we have to treat the matter with caution so that we will not be back home without achieving anything. Both of them said, okay, we will do as the spirit led you.

Pastor Richard knocked on the gate, the security guards said, how can we help you? Yes, please I am here to see the commissioner. Security men said, do you have an appointment with him? The pastor said, no, I came here to discuss an important issue with him. As they were interrogating him, Mr Johnson was coming from the office with his entourage and he met them outside the gate. He asked the security men to allow them to enter his house, but it was only pastor Richard who entered the house and his parents remain outside the gate and he said, peace unto you in this house. Johnson said where are those people I saw outside? Please let them in. He called the gatehouse unit on the phone that those people who are waiting for me outside should come inside, they are my people. The parents later enter the house and remain silent where they are. Mr Johnson instructs his housemaid to prepare special food for them. Pastor Richard said we should put everything into the hands of God to take control. Johnson's mother busted into tears that my son we have offended you and we are not worth what you should call your parents again because we knew that we did not take care of you. Please forgive us, it was ignorant and a sign that God is great. Johnson said that I don't have any other parents, so I have to forgive you. It is okay if you don't behave like that I may not be where I am today. The pastor said praise the Lord! All of them say "hallelujah". Pastor Richard advised both parents that Everything that God has created is good. What we are going to be in life, we will be. We should emulate the character of ants, these insects are diligent in their activities and ants don't lack good because they used to hustle for their day-to-day survival. Even God hate laziness, and God will bless you with things you can do with your own hands.

                The End

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