Eh! John, I saw your mummy not a quite long collapse when she received a letter from the agent. What are the contents of the letter? I don't know, but they had rushed her to the nearest hospital. I just came here to inform you.


John was curious to know what happened to her mummy. Immediately he heard about the sad news, he was heading to the hospital to know what happened to her. On getting there, she was still unconscious and all efforts to know the state of her mummy's health proved abortive because doctors were busy with the patient they brought in to the emergency room for treatment and there was no one available to attend to him.

Later, he returned to the ward where they were taking care of her and after a couple of hours, she regained consciousness and she was saying that William did not tell me that he had used all the properties to borrow money from the bank. When he was alive, he did not allow me to work and he always says just stay at home and take care of the children. I will be giving you the money. Is it not because of money you want to work? I don't want you to work at all.

John cuts in, Mummy, I did not understand what you were saying? You are just nagging. Can you talk to me in a manner that will make me understand? What is the matter?

Bank has sent us quite notice from the house and company that your Father has used those properties to secure the loan from them, and he could not pay before the sudden death. Now, what can I do? It is you and your siblings that give me concern because as you can see, I don't have any business that is giving me money and it is this company that your father left that I rely on to care for you and your younger ones. John said, How can it be possible, my father can not do it without the consent of you and his friend Chief Titus. I am not convinced, maybe people are playing a prank on you. We will not accept it. Even, I did not know anything about it. The company that meant for me and my siblings, somebody will just come and claim that it has been used to get a loan from a financial institution. Who does that? why would you talk like this?

Okay, what do you want your mother to do? The house that your father left for us and it has been stated in the letter that we should vacate there. I know what to do.

First of all, I will inform my husband lawyer about it and his friend, Chief Titus, because one of them must be carried along with this development.

The following day, at the Chief Titus's house. Chief sat down on the couch in the living room and he was discussing with the family important issues. There was a Knocked on the door. Chief Titus said who is that? The person should enter the house, the door is open. Madam William entered the house accompanied by her son.

Chief Titus was excited to see them. He said that this is August visitors, I don't usually see you around even when your husband was alive. What is the matter? I know there is a reason for this visit.

Madam William said, Chief, come to our aid. I got a message from the bank that we should leave the house and company, all the properties my husband William left for me and my children that have been used to secure the loan. Chief Titus said, Although, I knew that he made mentioned it while he was alive about the loan that is all that I know then. Look here, you must be calmed down because he has a lawyer who supposes to know everything about this transaction. The reason why I am saying this, is the documents to the properties should be with your husband's lawyer so let us invite him.

Alright, Madam William picked up her phone and dialled the lawyer's number, hello Madam William, I am very sorry for not calling you. Yes, hello barrister, don't worry about that. There is a new development as regards my husband estate. I received a letter concerning the properties from the bank and I want you to come and see me for clarification because I don't understand. Barrister Raymond said okay Ma, the phone was cut off.

At the William residence, Madam Joyce William was in the kitchen sweeping the ground and preparing what her children will eat. And the bell was ringing at the door, John the eldest child went to open the door. Barrister Raymond said peace be unto this house and John said that you are welcome. Barrister asked that is your mother at home? He said yes, please call her for me. As she was coming, Chief Titus entered the house. Madam William said that you are fortunate to meet Barrister here, is as if both of you are following each other to this place. You are very accurate and keep to time.

Barrister said Yes, madam, you were saying something the other time to me on the cell phone. Madam William said that I was about to go out and somebody brought this letter to me that we should leave the house because it has been taken by Finland Bank Plc. Please as a lawyer to my husband I believe you should know something about it because I presume that all the documents to these properties suppose to be in your custody.

Barrister Raymond said you were very correct ma. Before the death of your husband, he came to me that he wants to expand his business and he needs some cash to facilitate it, as his lawyer I advised him but he did not listen to me. The barrister said Madam I believe you might have been informed by your husband when he was doing it. Even I believe it was both of you who had a plan to borrow money to expand the business.

Madam William said no, I didn't know anything about it at all. Not until I received a letter from the bank that we should leave this house and company.

Barrister Raymond said although it was not up to a month which your husband got the loan from the bank before his sudden death occurs. Chief Titus said, Barrister, we called you here for the advice so that this issue can be resolved amicably without resulting to vacate the house and business. What do we do? Because this woman has no other source of income for survival to take care of the children is not a joke.

Barrister said that the money involved is too exorbitant to repay the loan and Mr William is yet to make any payment. But madam, I am very sorry for this question. Don't you have savings? So that you can start doing something with the money.

Madam William said, she does have a Penny. My husband did not allow me to work and I told him but he insisted that I should stay at home and take care of the children. All that he was saying was, everything I have is yours and you don't need to worry. I should let him go and hustle for the money that he would take care of me and my children.

Barrister Raymond said this is a serious issue. That is what I used to people to allow their wife to do something so if unforeseen circumstances happen, she would be able to get over it quickly. Whether she is working to support you at home or she is not using her money to help you, at least she is using it to cater for her needs and that of children. At times, she can see good things to buy for kids, if she is not working on her own how that would be possible? If she is working, it will create value for her in the presence of your family and friends. Ma/Sir, concerning this matter, there is no solution.

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