John was a responsible father and husband, he was ready to do anything to make his family happy, but he doesn't have money to buy turkey 🦃, clothes for his family and to take his children out for vacation.

When Christmas celebration is around the corner but there is no money to cater for the family needs. He was running 🏃 here and there to get money, even he engaged himself in a casual job to make provisions for the family but he could not get much.

"Nagging". His wife was complaining about the money that she wanted to use to buy the cloth 👕 for her parents.
He said that don't worry darling, I am making an effort to get something, you know, I love ❤️ you.

But let me cater for you and my children first before any other person, please 🙏.

Madam Goriola keeps on murmuring about the money that my husband, you must get money or better still find something else to do if the work that you are doing can not cater for the needs of your family. At least you are a man, do what your colleagues are doing to get money because am fed up with the situation of things. By this time last year, I knew what I have done for my people.

One parcel just delivered by DHL agent that meant for Madam Goriola from her parents.

Message from madam Goriola's parents saying that my daughter, we are expecting your good gesture this year because we don't have money to buy Christmas clothes 👗 and shoes 👠 for your siblings so God will bless you and your husband and extend our greeting to him as well.

John comes and sees what am saying, look at what my parents sent to us that they are expecting us to buy things for my younger ones. Can you see what am saying? You have to do something.

Darling, I am doing everything to get money 💲 and whatever I realise will be used to cater for you and my children first, thereafter, if I get another money it will be used to settle your family.

"Madam Goriola furious"

What do you mean? So you want to put me to shame before my parents. I will not take this from you. I will buy turkey 🦃, grand nut oil, and other things they will use to prepare food during the Christmas celebration.

Mr John decides to use the money he was able to get to buy what it can buy before the increase in the price of goods at the market.

When he was going to market, he got the message from his children school management about the outstanding debt which he had incurred in respect of tuition fees balance of the last term which is yet to be paid by him that he should not forget it and resumption for another term is a second week of the new year. Happy Christmas and New Year in advance.

Mr John was in a "dilemma" situation.

What do I do now? This is a reminder message from my children school. I have to go back home and have a discussion with my wife about the new development because her opinion on this matter is very important.

On getting home 🏠, John you are welcome, so didn't go again after you promised to use the money we have now to buy what can buy before the price hike of the goods and you are coming back with an empty hand 🙌. What is the matter, my husband?

That is what you should ask for before nagging about what am yet to buy. I just got a reminder message from our school management about the outstanding debt of the last term school fees and they are telling us that the second week of the next year is the school resumption for another term and if we fail to settle for the one we owed, our ward will not be allowed in the school premises so that why I decided I come to dialogue with you and reason together because these children education is very important to us.

Madam Goriola is "more furious".

So, because of tuition fees, we will not buy clothes 👗 , shoes 👠, and bags 🎒 and all other things that we are supposed to get before Christmas. One more thing don't forget to send money to my parents, that one is more important than anything else because I am their first child and they are expecting much from me.

Okay, I will go back to the market and buy what this money can buy.
Mr John returned to the market, but when he was going, a terrible thing happened to him on the road to the market.

"Accident". There was a heavy load vehicle 🚖 coming behind which has lost its break and all efforts to control it failed but it was eventually heated Mr John from the back. Good Samaritan rushed him to the nearest hospital to save his life.

"Strange call" from an unknown person.

The phone was ringing in the living room, who is this one? Maybe it was John, he want to play another prank on me. Hello, who is on the line? Dr Susan response, am I on to madam Goriola? She said yes, how may I help you? Okay, I am calling from lifeline hospital. Some people rushed your husband to our hospital just now, he is at the accident and emergency unit and we need to carry out the operation on him to save his life and your presence is very important madam.

"Madam Goriola sober"

I hope I didn't push this man to what happened to him. What do I do now?

On getting to the hospital, Dr Susan said that madam must deposit $50,000 before we can carry out any operation on him.
Eh, Doctor where do you want me to get this money? He was going to the market to get cloth 👕 and other necessary things for his family 👪 to celebrate the forthcoming Christmas before he encountered this accident on the road. I am finished, who will come to my aid?

If anything happens to him, who will pay for the children school fees and take care of me and my children. Had I known I would have not forced him to buy Christmas cloth and shoes 👠 after what he had done for me and my family. Ha!

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