.Friendship and faith can do it all-The Ink Well Prompt #93

Cristina is a young woman from the United States who came to Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, for an inter-university cultural exchange and is on scholarship. She is a very pretty young woman, with blue eyes similar to the color of the precious stone called sea water, a great believer in God and a good student. Her mother, Helena, and her father, Ronald, stayed in the United States, as they worked as teachers in an elementary school.

At first her parents were opposed, because she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, she was very sad, because of her illness, and because of her parents' attitude of not letting her come. In the end she convinced them, on the condition that she would comply with the medical treatment they indicated. A few days later she arrived at her destination. When she arrived in this city, she stayed in a residence near the university.

The first day of classes was a little difficult for her, she did not know anyone, she did not speak Spanish, and the worry about her illness made her feel very sad. She entered the University to study medicine.

Two weeks later, he met three classmates: Frank, Daysi and Magdalena, and as soon as they became friends, a good friendship developed between them.

Frank and his two friends invited her to eat ice cream at a nearby ice cream parlor, they talked and Magdalena asked him

"Why are you always sad and never smile?". She explained everything about her illness, which was the reason for her mood. She added:

"I have a lot of faith in God, who will put all the wisdom in the medicines that the doctors in my country indicated to me, that I have to take for life". Magdalena said to him:

"from this moment on you will not be alone, we will give you love, understanding and protection."

A few months later, Cristina spoke perfect Spanish. At the end of the university course, the four of them decided to go to Maria's house, Magdalena's grandmother, who lived in a very nice little house by the beach. That lady had a grandson: Rafael, who accompanied her, had a boat with an outboard motor, his productive activity was fishing.

When they arrived at Maria Cristina's house she saw that immense sea, very excited she said:

"it is as infinite as the sky, it is lost in the horizon!" her friends burst into laughter, the contagion of laughter was so great that Cristina laughed for a long time. At last her friends saw the happiness reflected on her face. Then they bathed on the beach until sunset.

The next day Rafael invited them on an excursion to the sea. They went for a boat ride with the young man. When they went into the sea a little far from where they were, they observed some dolphins jumping on the water and then diving into the depths. Cristina was very excited and said:

"It is the first time I have seen such a beautiful sight and how those big fish jump out of the water and then dive into the beach, which has an intense green that contrasts with the sun's rays, visualizing a metallic green". This encourages me to come back earlier tomorrow."

They spent a week enjoying their vacation. Cristina said: "these days have brought me a lot of happiness, thanks to you, especially Grandma and Rafael". Then they said goodbye.

When Cristina returned home, she began to fear that cancer would invade her body. She lay down, in the darkness of the night, prayed and asked God:

"Almighty Lord, may this scourge disappear from my organism with the medical treatment I consume."

Six years later, Cristina and her three classmates graduated as doctors, with honorable mentions. Cristina's parents attended her graduation ceremony.

That day they went to celebrate at Mrs. Maria's beach house. Cristina's parents were fascinated by the immense sea. A few days later they returned to their country.

Soon after, Cristina and her friends started working at the University Hospital. Cristina immediately started a postgraduate course in Oncology. There she met a group of doctors specialized in this branch of medicine. She told them her story of 6 years of illness, which was detected by doctors in her country: breast cancer. She was prescribed a lifelong medical treatment, which she complies with on a daily basis. One of the medical oncologists told her that she had to have a new mammogram and a series of specialized tests to know the evolution of her disease.

The next day he underwent medical examinations, and then a medical board met to study his case. Later she went with her three friends to learn the results, and before entering she made the sign of the cross. Her hands were shaking, she was very anxious. A doctor put his hand on her shoulder and told her:

"The result is negative, the tumor has disappeared thanks to the treatment of the doctors in your country. Do not take any more medication. You are in perfect health".

Her face was unhinged, she could not utter a word, she took a deep breath and said: "Today I have been born again. I feel like the happiest woman in the world, I thank God first of all, my parents, the friendship of my friends Daysi, Frank and Magdalena who helped me to be well emotionally. Also to you who helped me scientifically.

Her friends are still working at the Hospital. They also completed their postgraduate degrees. Daysi and Magdalena in Pediatrics and Frank in Surgery.

Currently Cristina finished her specialization in Oncology and is the Director of the Oncology Department at the University Hospital-Caracas-Venezuela. Her parents retired from their job and came to live with her. They are very proud of their daughter.

This story is Fiction
I hope you like it
The drawings are by me
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