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On a sunny morning, residents in the city of Surabaya carry out their respective activities, some are selling, some are working, and some are studying. They were all very excited to do their activities that morning. But there is one resident who doesn't seem excited, he is Aji. The 25-year-old man feels that his daily routine is very boring, but it can't be helped, Aji has to work to make ends meet.

On December 28, Aji was working in the office of a cosmetic company. His position in the company is as Data Entry, his job is to enter sales reports into the computer, then print and submit them to the manager as a sales report. While on his way to the manager's room to submit a report, Aji saw Susi crying on her office desk.

"What's wrong, Susi?" asked Aji who looked surprised, "What made you cry?" ask Aji again

"I saw Bram was making out with another woman," replied Susi, wiping her tears

"Maybe they're just friends," said Aji

"No way, I saw them directly hugging and kissing," said Susi

"I'm sorry, I hope you are strong and patient," said Aji

Then Aji continued to deliver the report to the company manager. There was the sound of the manager screaming from outside the room. Looks like Aji is being scolded by his manager, it's really unfortunate for Aji.

"You're being scolded again, aren't you?" said Susi when Aji had just left the room

"Yes, it's okay, it's normal," Aji answered

"Let's go home together later," said Susi

"Okay, fine," replied Aji

Susi is an employee at the office where Aji works, her position in the company is as an accountant. Aji likes this woman, but he knows that Susi already has a boyfriend named Bram. Bram was also Aji's friend in high school, so Aji could only keep his feelings under wraps.

After work hours are over, Aji and Susi go home together, but they stop at a cafe first to enjoy coffee while chatting. Incidentally, the cafe was located not far from the office where they worked.

"So, you've met with Bram," asked Aji who started the chat

"Yes, Ji, I have broken up with him," replied Susi

"How did you meet him?" ask Aji again

"I suspected Bram three days ago, then I followed Bram without him knowing, it turned out that he was dating another woman," replied Susi.

After an hour of chatting at the cafe, they left the cafe, Aji took Susi home by motorbike, after that Aji went home. At 10.00 pm, Aji who was about to sleep suddenly heard the sound of his cellphone ringing, it was Susi who called Aji.

"Hello, good night," Aji said answering the phone

"Hello Aji, are you sleeping?" asked Susi on the phone

"Not yet, why haven't you slept yet?" Aji said

"Not sleepy yet," said Susi

Then they chatted by phone until 11.30 pm. At that time, they made an appointment to go to the mountains on December 31, they would celebrate the New Year there while seeing the beauty of the fireworks. Every year there is a fireworks festival in the mountains, so they leave early so they don't get stuck and can book lodging there.

December 31 had arrived, Aji picked up Susi at his house by motorbike, they left for the mountains at 07.00 am, when they got there, they booked a hotel room for them to stay. Our room was quite comfortable and clean.

At 08.00 pm, the festival began, the music sounded loud, lots of food and drinks were available there, after enjoying a fresh drink, the two of them danced on the dance floor. They enjoyed the DJ music.

"Wow, you're great at dancing too," said Susi

"No, it's my first time," said Aji

"Your movement is very good Aji," said Susi

At 11.30 pm, everyone stopped dancing waiting for another half hour to see the fireworks lit, everyone was looking forward to seeing the beautiful fireworks. Until finally, the fireworks were lit, the sound was heard exploding in the sky.

"Wow, it's so beautiful, I just saw it for the first time," said Aji

"Is that true,?" Susi asked, "Have you never celebrated New Year's before?" asked Susie one more time

"All this time I chose to sleep on New Year's Eve," answered Aji

"Aji, thank you for accompanying and entertaining me tonight," said Susi

"As a friend, I have to make you happy when you're sad," said Aji

"You are very kind, I like you," said Susi

Hearing those words, Aji was silent for a moment, the man's face turned red, he was very happy to hear that. This is the first time Aji has listened and felt such happiness.

"I also liked you for a long time," said Aji

"Is that true,?" Susi asked, then she added again, "From today on, you are mine, don't ever hurt my feelings," said Susi.

"I promise," said Aji

Susi immediately hugged Aji tightly at the fireworks festival. Since then, Aji's life has changed for the better, he is more enthusiastic about his activities, especially where he works because in the office there is someone he loves. Susi is the lifeblood of Aji, he no longer feels lonely because Susi is always with him. They both plan to get married in March.

The end.

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