Amusement Park in Forest || The Ink Well Prompt #51

On a Wednesday afternoon, Tina and her sister Nia, went to Wonosari Village to visit their grandmother. They have not visited the village for more than 10 years. The journey from the city of Semarang to the village of Wonosari is quite far, it takes 15 hours by bus. Tina and Nia arrived at Wonosari village at 08.00 am. They were both very happy to meet grandma. Their grandmother hugged them both happily.

"Grandma misses you so much," said Grandma with a smile.

"We miss Grandma too," said Tina.

"How's your mother doing?" Grandma asked.

"Mother is healthy, Grandma, now my mother's restaurant has a branch in Madiun," Tina replied.

"Thank God, now you eat first, Grandma has cooked something delicious for you," said Grandma

"Okay, Grandma" replied Tina and Nia at the same time.

They ate and rested for a while in their room. The evening arrived, Nia who was bored at that time, wanted to go out for a walk. Nia wants to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Wonosari village. The last time Nia came to this village was when she was eight years old, now Nia is 18 years old.

While walking in the village, from the east on the outskirts of the forest, Nia saw a boy with short hair and no clothes playing alone. The boy was about nine years old. Nia, who was also alone, wanted to chat with the boy.

"Hey, what are you playing, bro?" Nia asked.

"I'm laying stones, Sis," replied the boy.

"Why are you alone, where are your friends?" Nia asked.

"They are in the amusement park, sis, they don't want to take me," said the boy.

Nia was silent for a moment and confused. From earlier, she had not seen any amusement park in this village, and even her grandmother did not tell Nia. Even though this village is small and is on the outskirts of the forest. Nia think that this boy was lying.

"Okay, where is the amusement park?" Nia asked.

"Are you going to buy a ticket for me?" the boy asked again.

"Of course, take me there," said Nia.

Nia and the boy went into the forest, Nia was getting confused. "There can't be an amusement park in the forest," Nia said in her mind. After walking about 300 meters, Nia was surprised to see a large amusement park in the middle of the forest. "WTF, how come," she thought.

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Nia buys entrance tickets for two people. The girl played contentedly in the amusement park with the boy. Starting from roller coasters, boats, to throwing dolls. Many people are happy to play there. Visitors there are also more crowded than Wonosari villagers. Meanwhile, at their grandmother's house, Tina and grandmother are worried, because the clock is showing 09.00 pm, but Nia has not come home yet.

Finally, the grandmother asked the village leader for help to find her granddaughter Nia, who had not returned since this afternoon. Residents were gathered and divided into two groups. They went into the forest and shouted Nia's name, but Nia was still nowhere to be found. Tina and her grandmother cried waiting for Nia's presence.

Until 11.00 pm Nia wanted to go home to grandmother because she was satisfied playing on the ride. Nia invites the boy to go home.

"Let's go home, it's already late," said Nia.

"I'm just here sis, just go home first," said the boy.

"Okay, don't stay here too long, your mother will be worried," Nia said

"Okay, sister, when you walk home, don't look back, okay?" said the boy.

"Why?" Nia asked.

"Just don't look back, you just keep going forward until you reach the village," said the boy.

Nia then walked back to the village. On the way, the forest feels so quiet. There was no longer any noise from the crowd on the amusement park, only the sound of crickets was heard by Nia. The girl was confused and looked back. Nia was very shocked because the amusement park was no longer there. Then Nia returned to the amusement park earlier, but what Nia saw were lined tombstones.

Then the girl immediately ran fast towards the village. After arriving at Wonosari village, Nia saw her sister Tina and her grandmother crying at the front door of the house. Nia ran towards them because she wanted to know what happened, so her grandmother and sister cried.

"What's going on here Grandma?" Nia asked.

"Where have you been Nia? We are very worried about you" said Tina.

"I just played at the amusement park" Nia replied.

"Are you kidding? there are no amusement parks in this small village," said Tina

"I'm serious, the amusement park is in the east forest," Nia answered.

Then, Nia told all the things that happened. The girl told that she met a nine-year-old boy and took her to the amusement park. Visitors there are also very crowded.

Later, Grandma told Nia that what she saw were Bunian people. They are just like humans and have a life like humans. But they are different dimensions (world). Many new residents are trapped in their lives and cannot return home. They are here, but their dimensions are different from ours.

Nia was silent. Until then, Nia did not dare to leave the house alone, especially in the afternoon. She didn't want to be in a different world anymore. Nia is lucky to still be able to get out of their dimension, so Nia can reunite with her sister and grandmother.

The end.

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